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11:51 a.m. - 2004-08-18
100 Things about Me
100 Things about Me

This is an exercise a few of my friends told me to I thought I would post it. You are not allowed to poke fun at my list without affording me the same opportunity to poke fun at yours.

1. As a housekeeper, I'm great at playing solitaire.

2. I actually can sort of cook, despite claims to the contrary….I would just rather have someone else do it….restaurant, friend, Stouffer's.

3. I wish I had discovered Prozac at age 10.

4. I don't use most of the words I know in casual conversation because I hate having to explain them to idiots who don't read.

5. I am most afraid of looking stupid (which encompasses a lot.)

6. I cannot imagine ever living with my parents again, and I don't understand people who do.

7. I have a hard time trusting anyone.

8. I hate that it's difficult to change careers.

9. Hypocrisy is the thing that will piss me off the fastest.

10. I feel less attractive now than I did before I lost 50 pounds.

11. The hardest thing about working out and dieting is the lack of instant gratification. I feel like I've proved to the universe that I can make a commitment (I have been doing this for almost 6 months, after all), and now it should reward me by making the rest of the weight disappear overnight.

12. I feel like I have two warring personalities: the one who is eternally hopeful, and the cynic.

13. I can't imagine not having a cat. I love mine. When I go out of town, I miss Emily, Maggie & Sissy.

14. I hate when women make excuses for men….men they're dating, men they work for, men they're married to, men they gave birth to.

15. I have no patience with stupidity.

16. I hate having to explain things to someone more than once.

17. I believe that respect is something which has to be earned.

18. I have always hated that my name doesn't have a cool nickname.

19. My way of defusing stressful situations is to make wisecracks.

20. Some of my favorite things: chocolate cake, cats purring, thunderstorms, driving with the top down and the music up, cinnamon lattes from the Buzz, the ocean, the first cold day in fall, a group of people laughing, kissing someone who is really good at it, hanging out with my girlfriends, playing stupid computer games stoned, reading a really good book, finding a really good shopping bargain, and good live music.

21. Some of my least favorite things: getting chewed out at work, icy roads, mean people, being left out, shoes that give you blisters, ripping/burning holes in your favorite pants, computer crashes, being wrong, awkward silences, people fighting when you're in the room, car breakdowns, mono, summer, having to hang out with people you hate, and bad live theater.

22. I can never pick just one favorite anything….food, friend, song, movie, book, you name it.

23. Turning 30 freaked me out more than I thought it would.

24. I need alone time or I get really cranky.

25. I will never change my name if I get married.

26. I have a hard time expressing my feelings to people I care about.

27. I don't watch much TV.

28. I hate cell phones.

29. Talking about my finances makes me nervous.

30. It's very hard for me to admit to myself when I'm in love.

31. When I walk by a group of teenage girls and they're giggling, my first thought is that they're making fun of me.

32. I have problems with authority.

33. I don't want to talk about good things that might happen to me because I'm afraid I'll jinx it.

34. If I could be anything I wanted, I would be an advice columnist.

35. I tend to be much better at expressing myself in writing than verbally.

36. I have impulse-purchased a car.

37. I think I tend to shop for shoes or bath/body stuff when I'm the most depressed, because you don't have to worry as much about things fitting.

38. My self-confidence is, in large part, an act.

39. I wonder often what will cause my 15 minutes of fame.

40. It bothers me that my brother and I are not close.

41. The things I do when I rebel have always been way more destructive to me than to anyone else.

42. I am semi-ambidextrous…I do some things better with my left hand and some things better with my right.

43. I hate people feeling sorry for me.

44. I don't like taking baths…I prefer showers.

45. It takes me a long time to get really angry, and it takes me a long time to get over it once I AM angry.

46. I don't like seeing my friends in pain of any kind.

47. People have told me I am intimidating, but I have never ever felt that way.

48. I eat most foods with a spoon.

49. Stress makes me hungry.

50. Boredom makes me hungry, too.

51. I love my family, but I'm glad my closest relative is 500 miles away.

52. My least favorite question is "when are you going to law school?"

53. My least favorite phrase is "you're not living up to your potential."

54. When I feel sad and lonely, I like to read kids' books.

55. I am a horrible insomniac, and have been since the age of 3.

56. I always wished I was shorter.

57. I used to bite my nails, suck my thumb, and chew on my hair. Then I started smoking.

58. I'm not sure about the whole having kids thing.

59. I think the single biggest problem with the U.S. is that it's almost exclusively run by penises.

60. Strangers tell me their whole life stories on a regular basis.

61. In any conflict-type situation, I'm always the peacemaker caught between two warring parties.

62. I'm very stubborn.

63. Once I make up my mind about someone or something, I rarely change it.

64. My first impressions of people, places and things are about 85% accurate.

65. Watching really moronic movies helps me fall asleep. Infomercials aren't bad either.

66. I hate rules.

67. I once went 3 years without having sex.

68. I don't like dating people when I know I'm a lot smarter than they are.

69. I always feel like I'm completely out of sync with everyone around me.

70. If I do get married, I'm eloping. I hate weddings.

71. I hate graduations, too.

72. And funerals.

73. I'm not at all afraid of stray cats, but stray dogs scare the shit out of me.

74. My stupid fear: being in a dark bathroom with the door shut. It's something about the mirror. No idea why, but that seriously gives me the creeps.

75. My stupid human trick is remembering phone numbers.

76. When I don't like foods (i.e., tomatoes, tapioca pudding, citrus juice with pulp), it's a texture problem rather than a taste problem.

77. I love to crunch ice cubes.

78. I can usually sing you the song, but I have no idea who the title and artist are.

79. I'm actually starting to like working out.

80. I claim to hate my hair, but I'm actually pretty vain about it.

81. I cannot stand drinking milk.

82. I'm glad I have a good relationship with my mom.

83. I really love each and every one of my friends.

84. I buy myself a Christmas present every year.

85. I love picking out cool presents for my friends and family, but sometimes I don't have time to do that.

86. I don't want to date any more men who have issues with their mothers.

87. I must have caffeine as soon as I wake up in the morning.

88. It really bugs me when I don't know the whole story.

89. It's important to me to be perceived as funny and smart.

90. I've never traveled outside the U.S.

91. I really want to.

92. I hate it when things are more complicated than they need to be.

93. I wish I knew how to fix my car. I don't necessarily want to do it, I just want to know how.

94. I really hate it when people nose around in my stuff.

95. I sincerely hope that people don't perceive me as a really smart person with no common sense.

96. One thing that always depresses me is knowing my friends went somewhere fun and didn't invite me.

97. I don't like to appear vulnerable in any way.

98. If I think about throwing up, I always do.

99. I really resisted growing up physically…I was embarrassed by getting my period and wearing a bra.

100. This was way harder than I thought it would be.



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