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11:25 a.m. - 2004-09-21
You've Just Been Visited by the Random Thought Fairy
You've Just Been Visited by the Random Thought Fairy

So the other day, I walk out of my office building, and I see a shiny black super-pimpin' Lexus with a big parking ticket under the windshield wiper. Almost reflexively, the giggle bubbled out of my throat. However, then I wondered why I expressed an almost childish glee at someone else's misfortune. As I pondered this character flaw, I realized that if it had been anything other than a luxury vehicle, I would have been sympathetic to the owner. But somehow, when it's someone whose car cost more than I have made in the last two years, I have a hard time being nice.

It's probably because I've worked for a number of these assholes, and they somehow think they are entitled to respect because they have made money by exploiting their employees, exploiting their clients, and being assholes to everyone who stood still long enough. Therefore, when confronted with evidence that occasionally, their karmic debt will come due, I am helpless to do anything other than rejoice.

It still bothers me that I'm stereotyping like this, though. Probably not everyone who drives a brand-new luxury car is an asshole. For the three people who are not, if the parking ticket was on one of your cars, I'm sorry for your bad luck.

Okay, enough of that self-analysis for one day. Now on to other things that are on my mindů.

1. Underwear sucks. Particularly brassieres. You get to pay at least $30 for something which will pinch, poke, and itch, and you are more or less obligated to wear the freaking thing ALL THE TIME.

2. Banks suck. Last weekend, I went places. I paid for stuff with my debit card. I thought the whole POINT of a debit card was that it would not let you spend money you didn't have. Well, it did. So I ended up being charged overdraft fees on things like a $4.00 purchase at Taco Bueno, etc. 10 overdraft fees. So not only was I poor LAST week, I got paid and I'm STILL poor.

3. Men suck. Just on general principles.

4. Insomnia sucks. Sometimes, no matter how tired I am or how little sleep I've had for a week, I'm still up till 2 a.m. Then me and the snooze button fight in the morning, and I lose. Then my cat is stepping on my head meowing at me in between the alarm ringing.

Okay, so this entry is lame. But I am having some sort of lack-of-sleep, brain dead writers' block thing. And I have actual work to do. My, but my life is exciting.



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