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11:40 a.m. - 2004-10-12
Hail to the Chief, and More Hallway Plumbing Fixtures, and Stuff
Hail to the Chief, and More Hallway Plumbing Fixtures, and Stuff

…Good lord, can Boss's Day just be over already? At least now, though, everyone appears to be coming up with some sort of consensus, but we're still having issues about who is in charge….and we're still getting e-mail. At least it's only been 5 this morning.

And I want to know, who the hell at my office supported Jesus's right-hand woman? Seriously. We got this e-mail from her:

Dear Firm:

Many of you have expressed concern and prayers regarding my upcoming surgery (removing fibroid tumors) on 10/12/04. I am grateful for the outpouring of well wishes.

Your response to my book, The Guardian, has been tremendous. Thank you. You will never know how much I appreciate your help.


Ya'll, it's like feeding a stray animal…it won't ever leave. And it will expect you to feed it every day.

Oh well, at least the drama keeps us entertained. It's not like we really have the normal work-related crap to bitch about. Most of the people are actually nice, too, but given that I work in the legal field, it attracts people who like to be in charge of stuff. As long as I don't have to deal with this stupid shit, and as long as I don't get 51 e-mails in 4 hours with no actual decision made, I don't really care.

In other news, a sink has now been added to the toilet in my hallway. If a bathtub shows up, I will truly be frightened. I can't figure out why they are there, either….I mean, they are all old and fucked up looking, so I'm sure they are being replaced. There's a dumpster located right outside. I'm sure the homeless people who dig in it would just LOVE a sink and toilet.

Finally, speaking of contributing money to various causes, the fundraisers haven't stopped. There are like three or four of them in the kitchen right now, we get another e-mail about a new one every day, and that doesn't even include the home-based business folks. You see, Jesus's woman is not the only one trying to grab some extra money by guilt-tripping her co-workers. Oh, no. We have Avon, Mary Kay (which is actually a double-whammy, because it's someone's college kid trying to earn money), Home & Garden Party….

Okay. Since I've already gone off on child prostitution, I mean school fundraisers, it's now time to give you home-based business folks a little clue. MY SALARY IS PROBABLY REALLY CLOSE TO YOURS. Therefore, if you need extra money, chances are, I do too.

Yep, today's entry is random and lame. However, you really should go check out discothekid. Right on, my brothah….can I get a "George Bush Sucks Ass!" from the congregation?



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