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10:10 p.m. - 2004-10-22
Friday Night in the Big Town
Friday Night in the Big Town

Okay, I just looked at my clock, and when I saw that it was only 8:38 p.m., my ass freaked the fuck out. I thought it was like 10:30. I was thinking my snuggly cozy bed and my snuggly cozy kitties would be in order shortly. However, staying home on Friday night is boring enough without the added "and I went to bed at 9, too" stigma.

Ahhhh, just removed the gym ponytail holder...

I was thinking about posting another online dating profile. I got about halfway through it and decided that I was too tired to come up with any witty comments. All I was sounding was bitchy. I think I'm going to ignore that stuff for a while. I just get bored with it. Dorks, losers, geeks, freaks...they pretty much find me anyway, so why make it easier on them? Plus, I guess I'm allegedly in a relationship. He thinks so, anyway. Not that I've been cheating on him, or anything, but on my planet, one should not assume that hanging out once a week constitutes something serious. I guess I just don't know how I feel about GID. I like him, and sometimes, he surprises me with his unexpected coolness. Other times, though, I think he's an emotionally retarded, delusional, socially inept freak. Unfortunately, he also happens to be skilled in the sex department. It's so much easier to blow them off when they're bad in the sack....and when you get an unexpectedly skilled one, you know that the sex will be difficult to replace with some that is satisfactory.

I've never understood why anyone would find sex to be difficult, for god's sake. However, some people just don't get it. I don't know who told them that shit was ok, but trying to make them unlearn things is such a pain in the ass. I have always adhered to the philosophy "do unto others." I really can't believe that ANYONE would find genital-chewing, tongue-choking, or manhandling to be pleasurable. Unless they're some kind of masochist, or something. But that's exactly what you get a lot of the time. I guess sex is like everything else in life....there are people who "get it", and people who never will.

I could have gone somewhere tonight, for the record. BFRB2 invited me to come hang out. If it was just her, I would have, but she has her two youngest nieces. I love them dearly. But I have no energy for children this evening. I don't have energy for much, at the moment. I worked all week, I worked out all week (well, mostly) and now I'm freaking tired and just want to set the clock to 420 and chill.

I don't understand the whole going-out-on-Friday-night thing. I can understand happy hour after work, but the get all hookered up and party thing is just beyond me. My, but I am getting old. Although at 25, I would come home on Friday nights and fall asleep reading a book with all the lights on. So maybe I'm just wired in some lame way.

BFRB and TM are not online, either. TM may be at work. Her schedule is always different. And speaking of TM, she wanted me to post a picture that did not feature her holding an imaginary penis and standing over a toilet. She did that on her own, man. However, she is really not psychotic and freaky looking. See?

Last time we did laundry, she said some really funny shit. I really wanted to post it and attribute it to her. But I was in a slightly altered state (I mean, really, how can you do laundry stone sober?) so my mental notes were erased. TM, if you remember what you said about Ebonics (but that wasn't the word, and the word was hilarious), comment. Because I do remember laughing my ass off. In between you poking BFRB and I in the shoulder blades with a straw, of course. Next Friday will be laundry night again, which usually means all kinds of wacky things can happen....

My brain is dead, my eyes are tired, and my fingers will no longer hit the keys in the proper sequence. Therefore, I will say goodnight, and God Bless America.



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