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12:50 p.m. - 2004-10-25
The Book Club Non-Meeting
We (allegedly) have this book club at work. Our meeting was supposed to be 3 weeks ago, but no one read the book. Since then, it has been postponed repeatedly. Well, it was today. Our fearless leader (hereinafter "FL") sent a reminder e-mail this morning, and she said you should be there regardless of whether you read the book or not. (The book was One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and no one has read more than about 50 pages. Oprah, I don't know what you were thinking when you made this one a book club book, babe. Seriously.) The idea was that we would have a brief discussion about how lame the book choice was and pick something actually interesting for next time.

FL and I were the only ones there….so we picked out the book for next week, and she gets to be in charge of sending a snarky little e-mail to the rest of our members. (Hehehe. I said "members.")

Other than that, this morning has been most uneventful…of course, we're getting political e-mails again. The ones about how John Edwards is responsible for the whole flu-shot shortage. Think again, fools. Poor BFRB. She works in an office full of these misguided little gremlins, and they keep sending her this propaganda. Which reminds me of the T-shirt Emily Sailers (one of the Indigo Girls) had on last night…it said "WAX BUSH. Vote 2004." A spectator had one that said "LICK BUSH." My, but it is so convenient that the angry little short man has a name which can so easily be misconstrued.

Okay, one more little quickie rave about the concert, and then I swear I'll shut the hell up. Some of their music is political…but what's really interesting is that a lot of it was written before 9/11…and it is even more appropriate now (i.e., the line "the president has no idea who the masses are…"). At the end of the concert, they and their opening act (Girlyman) did an a capella song about world peace. It was a little cheesy, but it was just beautiful and a great ending to the evening. I swear I will shut up about it now. I promise, supermom3604 and warcrygirl.



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