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9:19 a.m. - 2004-10-26
Insomnia Sucks
Yep, friends & neighbors, I was up until 1:30 a.m. Again. I don't think I have actually had a good night's sleep since Friday….

Heard from an old, old friend, though…KT, who was my Millipede adversary in college, and one of my best friends during that time. Oh, the memories. Being completely ripped and playing video games (old-school Nintendo style), listening to Tori Amos (Little Earthquakes), the soundtrack to The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and REM (Eponymous). Betting on the outcome of these Millipede games….loser had to go fetch the winner a coke and a candy bar. At 3 in the morning. Good times. Anyway, KT is getting married to another friend (really more of an acquaintance), and I'm really happy for them. She's a really good person, always very genuine, real, and caring.

I really thought I would still be able to sleep, though. I mean, it's not like I was on the phone THAT late. No, it's just my fucked up brain that won't shut the fuck up. Plus, I'm feeling a little guilty, since I blew off going to the Y last night. Yes, I realize I can take breaks, but I feel like such a slug when I do it. I'm irritated at the Y people right now, too, which is yet more of an excuse. See, BFRB and I are doing this whole "Total Body Challenge" thing. We paid $20 in addition to our membership fee to participate in this program, because we need some motivation, yo. However, we have yet to have a meeting with our group and trainer, we think the rest of our group is flaking out anyway, and they assigned us a trainer that only works in the morning….when we ALWAYS work out at NIGHT. We had our body composition tested, and we have yet to receive the results. Many pointed comments have been made to various employees regarding this complete cluster-fuck, to no avail. Seriously, if they don't get their shit together in the next two days, I'm asking for my $20 back. I really do not understand why they cannot run this properly…this is NOT the first time they have done it. I've seen signs every few months since I joined the Y in MARCH. Ugh.

I'm also wondering if it's not time to locate new lodgings. Granted, I live in the ghetto, and I knew it was not the best neighborhood when I moved there. Lately, however, we've gone from the occasional unobtrusive drug deal, random panhandlers, and college kids fighting, to the crack ho screaming at her dealer, a white-trash chick who keeps lurking about trying to get some sweet lovin' from our neighbor, and having gang signs spray painted on our front door. (They just removed the one from over the weekend, and another one was painted this morning….) The problem is, I don't think anywhere else this cheap that's five minutes from work exists, and even if there was a place…I'd have to MOVE. Moving sucks almost as hard as the crack ho does when she's looking for her fix and ain't got the cash.

Gee, it's almost 9:30. Time for my morning smoke break, another cup of coffee, and then maybe some actual (gasp, choke) work.



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