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1:34 p.m. - 2004-11-09
Titles Annoy Me, Too
So for the last two days, I've been vaguely annoyed about everything. I get like this periodically, and there's never a good reason. It's not like I have had any real trauma. Nothing of consequence has occurred. But I've just had to really restrain myself not to go off on people.

First of all, I've overslept the last two days. That is, me and the snooze button are having one of our frequent arguments, and it's winning. Therefore, yesterday's work "look" involved some seriously dripping wet hair, and today's involves a barrette and some weird curling and sticking up action.

Second, yesterday morning, I woke up, and only one of my contacts was in my eyes. The other had mysteriously vanished overnight. Therefore, my boxes of contacts will be UNEVEN, and when I finally decide to break down and go to the eye doctor again (which, after the last time, I have no desire to do), I'll be wasting a contact.

Third, the gym has been obscenely crowded lately. Even though I went at 7 last night (when it has typically cleared out a little), there was still a cardio machine shortage. They're building an expansion. It's just not coming along quickly enough. And people are hogging the machines, too…you're only supposed to do 30 minutes when it's crowded….but you see timers at 45 minutes, or an hour. Fuckheads. I want to be able to go right after work and do my shit and leave, not be stymied at every turn and having to wait.

Fourth, we got some stupid-ass e-mail this morning informing us that (a) we have to take lunch at either 11:30 or 12:00, and we have to e-mail the front desk when we leave. Who. Fucking. Cares. Really. Our floor has almost no interaction with anyone, including each other. Why does it matter when the fuck we go to lunch? I hate going early…it makes the afternoon drag on endlessly, but going at noon means you spend your whole lunch hour waiting in line.

Finally, people on the way to and from work are driving in a completely erratic fashion. They're either going 20 miles an hour or tailgating, they won't pick a lane, they don't seem to understand what "RIGHT TURN ONLY" means, and they block the intersection in front of my house. Oh, and they don't seem to understand that red means stop and green means go….


However, knowing people Googled the following things to find me did perk me up a little:

1. "Cat eating plastic wrap"
2. "Sister cat fight"
3. "Madonna's veins"

Plus, I really found it amusing that both awittykitty and warcrygirl both call Wal-Mart "the Evil Empire" too.



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