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9:08 a.m. - 2004-11-11
Group Projects Suck on a Stick, and Other Tales of Woe
I know I've gone into excruciating detail regarding the YMCA Total Body Challenge and our adventures with FuckStick. But have I mentioned how much being in a group really bugs me? BFRB is in my group, too, and she doesn't bug me. But the rest of them do. See, I have this problem. It's called "loser Velcro." The more I dislike someone or find them completely irritating, the more they will think I'm their friend.

In our TBC group…this person is J. J has some issues. First of all, she doesn't show up as much as everyone else. So she is not familiar with the program. Who gets to explain it (over and over and over)? That's right, your old pal Loopy. Plus, she's a few beers shy of a six-pack, so even when you do explain what the program is, complete with Vanna White-like pointing at the machines, she still doesn't. get. it. Which means she's hanging around me all goddamn night.

I do not play well with others. At least not STUPID others. The rest of the group is pretty okay. Two of them are like BFRB and I, and they pretty much just wave and go on about their business. The other guy does the same. I don't think he likes group work either. But J….I am so going to have to squish her head between two weight stacks if she doesn't get a clue soon.

Gotta give some props to BFRB, though. Last night, when J was doing her duckling-following-mommy routine, BFRB whisked her away to learn how to do oblique stretches. Thank you, Lordy, for letting me do the butt and thigh machines in peace….

Good news on the YMCA front, though…BFRB and I have convinced TM and KG (another friend) to "jine up". Nothing like sharing the love. And the Jell-O arms and legs.

On to smaller and less significant things…..

I should have listened to Kristin….but no. I had to grab the patterned tights out of the drawer. So far, they are not low-riding, but they ITCH. Because the panty part is made out of asbestos, or something similar. Ugh.

A guy in our office just sent an e-mail reminding folks that the courthouses, banks, etc. are closed today for Veterans' Day. Of course, then one of the office patriotic ass-kissers had to send a reply saying "THANK YOU VETERANS."

Don't get me wrong. I am grateful to those who have served our country, and those who still are. I feel for the families of those who are overseas. But I don't think the e-mail was necessary. Express your thanks directly to the families or the soldiers. Don't waste everyone's time at the office. That's almost as bad as the Jesus e-mails. And the Republican ones. I think that's really why this annoys me. It's the same people doing it.

Everything I own is covered in cat hair. I think the kittens took a big NAP on my winter wardrobe. Seriously. I had to reject four sweaters because of the furry cuffs.

The good news (yeah, there actually is some)? The winter coat I ordered on eBay arrived prior to the cold weather! Even better, it actually fits. See, I have no idea what size I am right now, because all of my clothes are varying stages of too big. So I just sorta guessed. I love guessing right….

I probably should work instead of just pretending.

Today's Affirmation: "I will not play Jewel Quest. I will not play Jewel Quest. I will not play Jewel Quest."



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