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5:09 p.m. - 2004-11-14
The Password Is....\"Lazy\"
Can You Say That, Boys and Girls? I Knew You Could...

Things that I was supposed to do this weekend:

(1) Laundry
(2) Clean house
(3) Go to gym every day
(4) Eat healthy

Things I did instead:

(1) Got trashed with my girlz and took some goofy pictures
(2) Ate junk food
(3) Ditched the gym Friday and Saturday (but I went today)
(4) Watched OU kick Nebraska's ass
(5) Got laid
(6) Took nap
(7) Beat Jewel Quest
(8) Made this banner for Beth, but I don't think the D-Land Police will let me use it....

Things that I wish someone could explain to me:

(1) Why old men think Speedos are acceptable to wear to the Y pool
(2) Why walking on the indoor track for 20 minutes feels like it takes way longer than riding the bike for 30 minutes
(3) Why the same machine at the Y always has a broken weight sensor
(4) Why my cat upchucks all the time even though I feed her the hairball control food
(5) Why my other cat likes to play with my makeup brushes (actually, lick them) and hang out in the bathroom
(6) Why my third cat only wants my attention when I'm trying to talk on the phone or type
(7) Why GID shaves his pubes...I'm sure this is more info than you wanted, but Jesus, I feel like I have diaper rash
(8) Why I still cannot get "Drop It Like It's Hot" out of my head
(9) Why filmmakers spend vast quantities of time and money to make a cartoon look real, instead of just making a movie with real people
(10) Why, if I have chewy caramel granola bars in the house, I cannot. stay. away.
(11) And finally, why people would Google "Ross Dress for Less Bitch;" "Butterscotch Milkshake," and "Gym Shower." It is cool, though, that my page came up in the top 10 on that last one, because the rest of it was porn. Hehehe.



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