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2:57 p.m. - 2004-11-15
Rainy Days and Mondays Always Piss Me Off

My, but it's been Monday. Let's see. First, I got behind some yokel driving 10 miles an hour for 10 blocks. Then, due to said yokel messing up my timing, I hit every single red light between my house and the office. The parking garage was having gridlock again. It's raining. The computer is being weird at work. And then, to add the frosting to this cake of shit, MS Word decides to eat a document…then regurgitate it in a completely unrecognizable form. We're talking this was a table. In 10 point Arial. With about 8 columns. And Word squished all 8 columns into ONE column, plus threw in some decorative hieroglyphics. Super.

Additionally, the corruption of said document was a result of a problem with our network servers this morning. This means that LOTS of people had corrupted documents. Our floor doesn't always want to e-mail the IT guys for help, because they usually either ignore you or look at you like you're retarded. I can tell you how to format things and undo things and fix fonts and line spacing and sorting problems and headers and footnotes and all that crap, but when the document is gobbledygook, sorry, cannot translate.

Luckily, our IT guy was able to actually restore the corrupted documents from a backup. Praise Jesus and glory be. You see, I had NO printed copy of my document. Therefore, it would have to be completely recreated and not just retyped. Recreating would involve re-reviewing about 900 pages of medical records. Whew.

Think I'm done whining? Wrong, little grasshopper…

So anyway, yesterday, I actually went to the gym. But apparently the rest of the world had been slacking all weekend, too, because the cardio machines were full. I decide that, instead of going with my first impulse (call it a day), I will go upstairs and hike around the indoor track for a while. The indoor track is little (20 laps=1 mile), and overlooks the basketball court. It's semi-squishy. It's really not that bad, I guess, but I'm not a track person. Going around a track gives me bad junior high PE flashbacks. (I was never what you might call a PE-inclined person. I bitched a lot. I know, some things never change, yada yada yada. Once, I knew we were going to have to do our stupid President's Physical Fitness shit the following afternoon, so I make some crack about wishing I would sprain an ankle. Well, I really DID. And the evil lesbian coach of death made me "run" on it, despite my protests that I wasn't faking it. Whore. And people wonder why I avoided exercise like the plague for a long, long, long time.)

Wasn't I going somewhere with this little anecdote? Right. Due to yesterday's foolish attempt at walking/jogging, I have major shin-splint type stuff happening today. Hurts like a bitch. Not pleased about it. And due to my LazyBitchDeluxe activities this weekend, I really don't feel like blowing it off is an option. Dammit.

Next on my list is GID. He's finally moving on the 20th. But apparently, he cannot locate (a) phonebooks or (b) URL's, because he's e-mailing me and asking all sorts of stupid shit that I consequently end up looking up on the internet. Granted, I spend lots of time doing random internet searches at work, but they are MY random internet searches. Plus, he can't figure out how to use AOL, either. The last e-mail I sent was something along the lines of "I'm sure they have a help file."

And finally, why can they not make Lean Cuisine or similar boxed health-food thingies that will result in hours (rather than minutes) of fullness?




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