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9:05 a.m. - 2004-12-02
Steppin' Out…
Yesterday was nuts. Work was nuts, the gym was nuts, and the remainder of the evening was nuts (but in a good way.)

I suppose I should begin at the beginning, although I'm not so good at that….

Work. They fired someone who was being irresponsible (not showing up, not doing much while she was there). The files she was allegedly working have deadlines. Then, they hired someone new, and he's a law student, and has finals, and has flaked out temporarily (probably permanently, but I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude). His files have deadlines, too. Therefore, the rest of us are frantically trying to review these files because the attorneys need them last week. So I've actually had to WORK at work the last few days…that sucks, right, Beth?

Gym. Just about when I thought I was on top of things there, that I had mastered FuckStick's training regimen, he informs us that we will be going to CARDIO CLASSES. By this, I mean aerobics and shit. One of my teammates, upon learning that we were expected to pick three classes a week to attend, said "on purpose?" My sentiments exactly. I believe I have already explained that I am very much the "white girl with no rhythm" and that I have absolutely zero hand-foot coordination. Yeah, that step class was fun. About as much fun as pouring lemon juice and salt on some paper cuts. I kept moving the whole time, but my movements had very little to do with what the instructor was shouting. I picked up a few things, and almost got it once, but it was all so FAST that I didn't have time to figure out one step before she's blurting out more of them. Not pretty. Then, after an hour of torture by aerobics instructor, FuckStick seems to think we're going to do some weights and our usual routine. As if. There's about as much chance of that happening as there is of Bush learning how to pronounce the word "nuclear." Plus, I had places to go….

After. I'm sure everyone is aware that GID is boring and annoying me. Not completely, but I'm certainly not thinking that he's the love of my life. He has his uses, but I'm not totally satisfied. So my online ad has still been up. I changed it a little. It's pretty blunt, and I wasn't really expecting much from it, but I got an e-mail from this guy, we'll call him MM, who actually sounded cool. And he is. He's a music professor at a local university, has a very cute smile and very gorgeous eyes, correctly spells and punctuates e-mails (which, petty though it may seem, is important to me), and seems like he has it together. Anyway, we met for coffee last night, then ended up going out for a few drinks. It was a wonderful evening…very laid back and comfortable, no real awkward silences, he actually appears to listen, etc. So we shall see what happens.

Finally…redstarhelix seems to be under the misguided impression that his brain contains more useless knowledge than mine. The gauntlet has indeed been thrown. (Short words of explanation…I am the Queen of Trivial Pursuit. None of my friends will play me anymore unless they all get to be on a team against me. Redstarhelix, though, seems to think that he can end my reign of terror….)

Everyone, send happy thoughts the way of my BFRB. Her boss is being an unrealistic, verbally abusive, demanding fucknut, and she needs some good energy. Pray if you're into that. But definitely be transmitting the positive vibes.

Okay, I've finished my coffee, it's time for a smoke, and then productivity awaits. Shudder.



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