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2:35 p.m. - 2004-12-11
It's So Nice When Things DON'T Suck.
I won't go so far as to say I have any Christmas spirit, or anything, but I am in a rather generous and festive mood today. Our office holiday party was yesterday, and prior thereto, it was bonus time. Yes, I was most pleased with my bonus. I was also most pleased with the news that I got a raise. And was yet MORE pleased because my boss gave me a "10"...let this be a lesson. You can slack all you want, just volunteer when people need help and fix their computer problems and don't whine to the office manager, and you too can get a good performance review. I love my job.

Also, the office Christmas lunch didn't suck. It was actually kind of fun. I got a nice little champagne buzz, some decent food, and there were no stupid long speeches. People's outfits were totally amusing, too, which I always love. Seriously. Fashion choices included:

(1) a vest covered entirely in sequins. Mostly screaming red, but other colors were featured in the holiday designs.
(2) a pair of greenish-gold "leather" pants with a fur-collared sweater.
(3) a few skirts that were obscenely short. Girls, the bonuses were already decided, umk?
(4) a ratty old sweater with a velour skirt.
(5) sandals. With hose.

This morning, since I actually woke up early, I decided to head to the mall to see about spending my bonus. I didn't find anything I really wanted, except a gigantic gingerbread latte. I almost bought a few things, but I decided that I really didn't need a semi-formal outfit, even though it fit really well and it was a really pretty color. I also decided I didn't need a shirt that requires ironing, a pair of jeans that cost $75, a sweater with a velvet collar, a boucle jacket, or any vanilla lotion from Bath & Body Works. They had some new good-smelling stuff (for a change...lately, all their new scents have smelled like fruit that went bad three weeks ago), but I decided that I really didn't want to smell like food. Because then I would be hungry for sugar cookies or something all the time. Why is it that when you have money, you can never find anything worth spending it on, but when you're poor, you find all kinds of cool shit that you want to buy?

Okay, kids, that's a long enough update for a weekend. Actually, I just have to get ready for a little party hosted by BFRB2, because for some reason, she thinks we need to start drinking eggnog at five. Works for me, man.

However, so you won't miss me, here's a little quiz to see how well you've been paying attention:

A loopy little quiz.



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