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1:19 p.m. - 2004-12-14
Insomnia Fairy, Meet Writer's Block Fairy
Despite many infusions of highly caffeinated coffee, my ass is dragging. Perhaps this could have something to do with the fact that, instead of being visited by Mr. Sandman lately, I've been whacked on the head by the Insomnia Fairy.

Therefore, coherent thought for an entry is impossible. I was looking for a good survey, or something, but couldn't remember whose I read a week ago that I was going to swipe the next time the Insomnia Fairy collaborated with the Writer's Block Fairy to make me utterly uninspired.

So, I'm just going to make some observations about things that have disturbed me in the past few days-weeks-months-lifetime, ummkay?

There are all these bizarre people who wander around our building. I'm not talking about the building maintenance employees, although they seem to be acquainted with some of these freaks. There's the tall, skinny black guy who always wears a denim jacket and is seen in the company of the maintenance guy; the middle-aged, balding, slightly overweight white guy, usually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and carrying one of those "satchel" style bags (and looking relatively clean), who picks half-smoked butts out of the ashtrays in the smoking lounge; the two strange women – one shorter and older with oddly asymmetrical facial features and a head scarf, one younger and taller with giant facial moles – who seem to wander from our building to the courthouse, day in and day out; and a host of others.

These are not the homeless crack addicts begging for money. They appear to be clean and dressed in different outfits every day. But I cannot determine what they actually do, other than hang out around our building.

My rear-window defroster is not functioning on my car. This means that I will have to take said car to the dealership and secure alternate transportation, which said dealership may or may not provide. I would blow it off, but that was one feature my old piece-of-shit-cars didn't have, and I really like the whole "not scraping ice off the back windshield" thing. Additionally, after this morning, when small amounts of ice made an appearance on my front windshield, I will need more washer fluid and new blades….since I don't know where the freaking ice scraper is hiding.

Many people surrounding me have colds. I sincerely hope that I'm not going to join the club. I probably will, though, because I always get sick when I'm about to go on vacation. Not that going to visit the fam for Christmas really counts as a vacation, but my body thinks that, if it's going to be on a plane, it needs to ensure that every sinus cavity is blocked first.

I really must go to the gym, quit eating junk food, and get back with the program. It's just hard when I'm this tired…because all I want to do is go home, play video games, and watch America's Biggest Loser while snuggling with my little meows. Aren't they cute?

Isn't 30 too old for zits? Will someone please explain that to my face, particularly my chin? Yuck.

My lips are all chapped, which never happens, which means I have to use Carmex or Chap-Stik or something similar. I hate those things. They're all sticky and slimy. I know a lot of people are "addicted"...but I don't know why. Ewwwww.

What would compel someone to use the phrase "Does that got..." As in "You're looking at a Harley? Does that got the custom paint job?"

Okay. Enough rambling on and on and on...I'm just afraid that the minute my fingers quit striking keys, I will be face-first in a puddle of drool....



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