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10:48 a.m. - 2004-12-21
Taking out the Trash
Well, I woke up this morning feeling like someone had pounded a large quantity of cement immediately behind my left eye socket. After much Day-Quil-ing, I feel marginally better, but of course, the "non-drowsy" aspect of said medication is thwarting my plan to take a nap. Since I'm at home, I probably should, therefore, attempt to get some things done before I have to leave on Thursday, but I don't feel like it.

Therefore, since I'm cranky and tired and still have a pounding headache, I decided I would share the joy and gladness with ya'll.

Speaking of "ya'll", some folks were making comments on my buddy Beth's page last night. Read her entry for the details, but basically, she's getting hosed by an eBay seller in Oklahoma. This led some people to comment about how people from this lovely state do nothing but drink beer, shoot up, and generally suck.

People should not make such sweeping generalizations.

Sure, there is a nice little contingent of white trash here. We have lots of bingo halls and tacky gift shops and hicks with thick accents. But, let's face it, white trash can pretty much be found anywhere. I have a number of relatives in other states (up north, I might add) who are living proof of this. And last I heard, crack and meth would be the problems here, not heroin. However, despite some of the rampant ignorance, there are a lot of nice, caring people in this state. When you walk down the street or get in the elevator or go to the store, people smile. They say hi. That's not true everywhere you go. (Ask Clarity.)

And this is not a bad place to live. Even in my little ghetto, which showcases some of the worst this city has to offer, I have never been all that frightened. Our friendly neighborhood patrons of the meth lab pretty much accept our refusals to contribute to the support of their habit with equanimity. The cost of living is cheap. The top stories on the news every night don't involve murder and mayhem. When they run stories about a family's house being destroyed, people contribute to help. Point is, even if some of the people here are not sophisticated, they are generally concerned about others and willing to help.

I am not saying this is a Utopian paradise. It's not. But it's not a horrible, backward state filled with complete retards, either. Personally, I think that if you're looking for misery, you'll find it. If you expect to see trash, that's what you'll see. We all know I am not little Miss Suzy Sunshine, but I try to maintain a positive attitude and not just think everything sucks. There are things here that have pissed me off. There are people here who are ignorant. This state is often way too conservative for my little bohemian self. However, that doesn't mean it's always horrible. Maybe I just like a challenge, maybe I'm just too lazy to move, but I think there are a lot worse places I could be.



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