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12:37 p.m. - 2004-12-22
Snow, Shrieking, and Sinus Overload
Why is it that snow is the best thing ever when you're a kid, but when you're an adult, it redefines "suck"? Oh, yeah. Because when you're a kid, you get a free day off school to go play in it, and when you're an adult, there's no such thing as a snow day. And you have to drive in the shit. In a rear-wheel drive, low to the ground car with a broken rear-window defroster. And then you have to get on a plane, which will likely be delayed for many hours, and travel to a climate where your snow gear will be as appropriate as shorts and a tee-shirt in the place you just left.

Now that I've proved that my inspiration level is at an all-time low…..

This whole "holiday-going out of town-shopping-wrapping-last minute get togethers" thing is forcing me to push my usual pondering to the side and focus on things I actually need to get DONE. Like pack. Specifically, figure out exactly how to get four days worth of clothing in the same suitcase as a giant pile of presents and not end up taking two suitcases for a three-day trip. Additionally, there is not enough cat food in the house, I need to take out my trash, and the light in my kitchen has been burned out for three days. On the positive side, however, GEB's Christmas box of goodies contained a cute little night-light, which provides enough kitchen illumination to make coffee and feed the cats, and since the microwave is equipped with a light…well, there's just no telling how long that bulb will remain unchanged. GEB actually got me some really cool stuff: Magnetic Poetry (Erotic Edition); a book of cocktail recipes, a little snowman kit, and a bag of chocolate (which I am so not eating.)

Why are we forced to go to work this week? No one's working. Especially not the people in the office next door. They're being so unbelievably annoying. I have my headphones on, and I can still hear shrill giggles and fucking Christmas music. My office mate and I wonder why they can't just slack quietly, like we do. They are making my headache return. Which means I'm going to have to go on the hunt for some more sinus medicine. Which is totally interrupting my game of Mahjong Towers II.

Finally, it just wouldn't be Wednesday without some talk of my favorite TV show, America's Biggest Loser. Last night (and this pissed Sarah off too), they did sort of a recap, and showed some outtakes. Bob, one of the trainers, was busted snarfing sweets a lot, which made him seem much more human and likeable. Jillian, the other trainer, managed to make me completely not like her. See, she showed them this picture of her at about 35 lbs more than she weighs now, and she was a little frumpy looking (complete with unibrow). However, she was USING this picture to ILLUSTRATE how much she EMPATHIZED with the contestants.

'Scuse me, but no one on the show needed to lose less than 50 lbs. You and your little "slightly chubby" picture don't have a fucking clue how it feels to be truly overweight. You went from basically "average" to "anorexic". Don't even pretend you know what it's like.

Enough of the babbling for today. I'm sketching out a more meaningful entry, but my brain is too crowded right now, and if I tried to type it, I would forget what I really meant to say and it would just be lame…

Time to turn the volume back up on the headphones and hope like hell that the shrieky people vanish to lunch for two hours.



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