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8:22 a.m. - 2004-12-30
How Much Is a Can of SHUT THE FUCK UP??
Because the following people/things are sincerely pissing me off in my sleep-deprived, sinus-congested state:

1. My cat, Maggie.

2. The fucktards at the bar last night. There were no brawls, for a change, just drunk people trying to figure out who they're riding home with. Loudly.

3. The office dork-critter, who just had a melodramatic "moment" when she realized we're having a staff meeting this morning. Yes, moron, they're usually on Fridays, but seeing as how we have tomorrow off, and seeing as how we had LAST Friday off, that's probably why it's today. I know this will mess up your morning socializing phone calls and internet surfing, but try to get over it.

4. The shrieking cacklers in the office next door.

5. Anyone else who might feel the need to talk to me today.

Additionally, there was no hot water in my building this morning. Therefore, I was forced to wash my hair via sticking my head under the cold faucet and finish the remainder of my toilette with Wet Ones.

Is it five yet?



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