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7:51 p.m. - 2005-01-05
All That's Missing is the Milk & Cookies

Last week, on New Year's, it was like 70 degrees out here. No lie. Today? The temperature started at 33, and has gone steadily downhill. And it rained last night. A lot. And now there's ICE. Which it took me 20 minutes to scrape off my car, and the whole time, I was bemoaning the fact that I am too fucking lazy to take my car in to get the rear-window defroster fixed.

However, I'm not bitching. Know why? Because we got to leave work at NOON today. I came home, checked some e-mail, ate some soup, ate some crackers, and absorbed myself in a book.

Four hours later, I woke up feeling refreshed.

Along with my friend Sarah, I'm going to dork out for a minute about America's Biggest Loser. (It's only one more week, which is totally depressing to ME, but I'm sure the rest of you are like "Yay, she will finally quit talking about this crap and making me have to scroll through paragraphs of boring reality-show-that-I-don't-watch talk.")

Yes, that's right, next week is the finale. They got rid of Mo last night. While part of me knew it was probably going to happen, it was still sad. He's just a nice guy. But as long as that fucktard Ryan doesn't win, I'm okay with it. Yeah, he's lost the most weight. But he's also lost the most friends. He is a manipulative ass-munch. He's so fake. His whole little speech about "wanting Kelly to trust him"...yeah, till he stabs you in the back at the first opportunity.

And, if this is possible, Jillian the evil trainer bitch made me hate her even more. I already didn't like her after her "I feel your pain" bullshit about how being 30 pounds overweight gives her empathy for people who need to lose 100, but that is at least SORT OF understandable, because she's at least making an effort to understand. But this week? The contestants got to "train the trainers" and make them do all kinds of hard-core fitness crap and yell at them. Bob took it in stride. He was a good sport about it. He was proud of his peeps and amazed that they remembered everything he'd told them. Jillian? Was all whiny and "oh, I am SO getting them back for this." Good lord, bitch, you are a FITNESS TRAINER. One day of EXERCISE should hardly be making you feel all vindictive.

See? End of reality-show dorking out. Not so bad, eh?

It's so cold in here, and if I turn up the heater, the fuses here in ghetto-ville will blow. Guess I will have to get out my favorite bathrobe. It's the coolest. It's cream colored velour (so nice for showing off coffee stains and cat hair, but it's so soft) with a big furry collar and cuffs. GEB calls it my "Movie Star Robe". Yep, I do feel like the big movie star when I wear it with my plaid flannel pants and extra-huge sweatshirt with many unidentifiable spots and my ugly brown socks and my purple slippers, too. Maybe I'll just crawl back under the electric blanket, let my kitties warm my feet, and "read" some more.



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