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12:14 p.m. - 2005-01-17
Snappy Little Update
This will have to be a snappy little update, because I (gasp, choke) actually have a lot to do at work.

I did actually go to the gym this morning…so let's see if I can continue the trend all week.

I have felt like I am going to sneeze all freaking day. But I can't sneeze. It just feels like someone is occasionally poking the inside of my left nostril with a fuzzy thing.

My weekend was pretty freakin' boring….hung out with GID (yeah, NT, he's still around) Saturday night, and he made me watch football. The things I go through to get some…. Sunday, we went to lunch & then to the art museum. Lunch tasted good…however, we didn't see our waiter after he dropped off the appetizer. We did complain, but did we get any free shit? No. Did we leave a tip? Also no. Shit, it was almost as bad as Denny's.

Last night, I was forced to make a trip to the Evil Empire. As usual, it was rife with checker incompetence. The lines weren't horrible, but some stupid white trash ho cut in front of me. Now, all she had was a paper. And I probably would have let her go. But she just weasels her way in…and proceeds to DIG FOR CHANGE to pay for it. I was not in the mood to go off on her ass, but I did give her some serious go to hell looks. The cashier then put almost all of my food items (which consisted of coffee creamer, string cheese, apples, peanut butter, and splenda) in ONE bag. I thought he was going to cram the bread in there too, but after a moment's hesitation, he did put it in a separate sack. Such competence boggles my mind.

I also attempted some crochet action last night. So far, I have made several small, shapeless lumps, because I decided to stop before they became BIG shapeless lumps. I would have taken pictures, but the batteries in my digital camera were dead, and I was too lazy last night to change them. Plus, they just look like one of my kittens chewed up a wad of yarn and upchucked. I'm so good at arts and crafts.

Must smoke, and then return to work. How fun. God, I hate it when the paycheck collection interferes with my internet surfing…Hehehe.



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