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12:45 p.m. - 2005-01-26
Surveys. Strange Deaths. Silly Stories.

I got this particular little fun thing from clarity25 and dangerspouse:

I will be struck down by a meteor!

How will you die? Take the Exotic Cause of Death Test

Will someone kindly explain to me why they cannot make tights at Lane Bryant in more than two sizes? Their tights are awesome. They don't itch, they're really opaque, and you can wash and dry them with few to no adverse consequences. They never get runs. However, they come in two sizes: A/B, for short, somewhat pudgy folks, and C/D, for tall, really fat folks. There is no interim size. Clearly, being 5'9", I am not going to be buying anything that says 5'0" to 5'5", because then the crotch would be somewhere around mid-thigh. However, having purchased the larger size (which formerly fit perfectly, eek)…they are too large, and are falling down, leaving—you guessed it—the crotch at mid-thigh.

Speaking of thighs, I really did a number on mine yesterday at the gym. I must have really been overly enthusiastic on that inner-thigh machine (I think it's called Hip Adduction, or something-it's the one that looks like it belongs in your gyno's office, anyway), because today, they are most painful.

Since we're discussing the gym, why is it that when I actually NEED some new t-shirts, I can't find any? Seriously. I have some, but with my new "gym every morning and sometimes at night, too" plan, I need more. Most of mine came from Old Navy, Target, or an ex-boyfriend. They're pretty much men's t-shirts, because those are longer (gotta cover that ass), cheaper, and hold up better to repeated washings in hot water. Well, for some reason, now that I NEED them, they are all SHORT. Even the gigantic ones. Plus, they are way expensive. I finally scrounged two at Old Navy, but they're still not quite long enough, and I paid more than I planned to.

Finally, a nice little survey, because they're fun and I'm bored. Thanks, pajamamama!

Using Mapquest, how many miles is it from your house to your parents' house?

To my father's house: 2054.47 miles; to my mother's house: 472.67 miles.

Google your first and last name, in quotes. How many results were found?


What room in your house is too small?

My bathroom.

What room is too large?

I'm sorry, I live in a 400 square foot apartment. "Too large" would apply to nothing therein.

Name of your third grade teacher:

Mrs. Golding. She was an evil bitch.

How much money did you make at your first job?

$3.80 an hour, but it cost me my self-respect. Gotta love McJobs.

Favorite donut:

Krispy Kreme chocolate covered custard filled.

Name(s) of your next door neighbor(s):

The only one officially "next door" is Terry, the evil water-boy.

Genre of music you can't stand:

Boy bands.

Last thing bid on on ebay:

A lot of five skirts, which I won…$15 including shipping. Hell yeah.

How much cash is in your wallet:

About 2 cents. I use plastic, not paper.

Thank twobaddogs for today's time-waster. And probably tomorrow's, and the next days. Feel free to contribute these anytime...most of them come from my sick and wrong friends and/or random Googling.



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