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1:08 p.m. - 2005-02-02
Nothing But the Best...
I noticed that a lot of my buddies (i.e., bigpimpinmba, plopphizz) are doing a "Best of…" type entry for new readers. And then I realized, I have some new readers (and welcome to Loopy Land)…so maybe I should just jump on that there bandwagon and make one.

Therefore, may I present….THE BEST OF GOINGLOOPY!!*

Maiden Voyage

Demonstration of the Cascade Effect When Things Are Fucked

My Crazy Building and Why Online Dating is Lame

Gym Story

Self-Examination (No, Not THAT Kind)

Nothing to Say. Nothing at All.

Good Things about Bad Experiences

Holidays Suck

Rattling the Skeletons in the Closet

New Years' Resolutions Suck

Open Letters


* If you have better suggestions, or would like to see any entries included on this page, comment away. I had to pick. And I'm not good at picking favorites. I think I wrote about that somewhere.

That's all for right now...I'm back at work today, mostly recovered, so I need to do something productive. Like take a smoke break.



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