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1:30 p.m. - 2005-02-18
I'm Super, Thanks for Asking

I swear I’m not dead, suicidally depressed over being jobless (yet), or kidnapped by aliens. I’ve just been busy, in the way that only an unemployed person can.

Laundry. Gym. Phone calls. Hanging out with neglected friends. Fruitless resume faxing. You know, shit like that.

BFRB and I did take some photographs, which will be posted soon. Like this weekend. I would do that this afternoon, but they are on my computer at home. I’m temping for a former boss today, you see.

Which is weird. Very weird. Because the man has not changed at all. This is a boss I always got along with, but who is the absent-minded professor. Leaves his keys in the bathroom, his files at the courthouse, can’t find things that are under his nose, etc. So this morning, he has me follow him to drop off his car to get an oil change, and then take him to a hearing.

I get back to the office, and realize I can’t get in, because I have no key. I go in one of the other offices in the building and use their phone to track him down at the courthouse. Luckily, the judges’ clerks are used to this from him. He says he’ll be a while, but I can come get the keys from him. I pull up, and he gets in the car. The hearing was continued.

He is, however, strongly advocating on my behalf....he’s made phone calls to a number of lawyers trying to find me another job. And KB, an attorney who office-shares, got me a fax number too. Will any of these turn into a job? Not crossing the fingers, there.

It was funny this morning...the kitties have finally decided that I DO belong there during the day, and I got these horrible “you can’t leave me” looks.

Being out running around during the day is like visiting a foreign country. Everything seems slightly “off”, very strange, very surreal. And of course, I look at all the people and wonder what their stories are...wonder if they have jobs, or are on disability, or are housewives or househusbands...wonder if they just got laid off, too.

I’m really trying not to get bogged down, to just be happy and enjoy my time off. And I am, for the most part. At odd moments, though, I realize that I’m no longer a part of what I considered the “real world”. I went to meet GEB for dinner the other night. We planned a 5:45 rendezvous. I was late. I forgot how much traffic there would be. It just didn’t really occur to me. (Part of that, though, is because I have had the non-commute for a long time. I swear I haven’t adjusted that fast to doing nothing.)

I’ve read a few really good books. I’m going to swipe an idea I’ve seen around (most recently from vickithecute) and start a “Bookshelf” page.

I’m probably going to change my template again soon, too. Just because, well, I’m bored. And this one doesn’t work right in some you can’t see the before & after arrows, etc.

I’ll leave you with my favorite Google hit for the week: “Cupid Kiss My Ass.”




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