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12:24 p.m. - 2005-02-20
A Journey through Joblessness
While I have provided some stories about my adventures while job-free, sometimes, you just need some visuals. Therefore, let me present:


Shall we begin at the beginning? But of course.

Me, the night I was "downsized."

The table, the night of the layoff. It should be noted here that we had a VERY good waitress, who was VERY on top of the table-clearing activities. We, however, were even more on top of the drinking activities...

Two of my former co-workers, plus the son of one of them...otherwise known as "BFRB's 18-Year-Old Snogging Target":

Of course, the drinking just never stops when you have no job. This photograph is TM and I, after we'd done a few shots o' Crown Royal in preparation for yet another evening of debauchery:

And here are TM and BFRB:

Now, after we got back from Bar #1, I decided I was too drunk to continue the party. BFRB and TM, however, went to the bar next door:

Apparently, there were some hard-core pool bets going on. The losers...well, it was two dudes, and here's what they had to do...(NOTE: the person in the bra and leather miniskirt is, in fact, a dude.)

Really, the miniskirt is on a dude. And he had some piercings. See?

BFRB, of course, had a hand in the tasks of the losers. Clearly, she was just getting in touch with her Inner Devil:

In the meantime, TM was pretty sober, since she had appointed herself our designated driver. After all, she still HAS a job.

However, the parties didn't stop there. Next stop: CB, my former office-mate's, bachelorette party.

And look what gift she got...a GLOWING VIBRATOR. Every girl needs one, really. Much easier to find in the dark.

Once we got a little burned out on partying, it was time for some errands during the day. The biggest errand, as usual, is laundry. And you just never know what you might see when you're driving around scenic OKC.

This giant inflatable gorilla is a feature of a car dealership near the laundromat. A gorilla. Why?

At least you could attribute it to being an attention-getter. The following photo is of a random backyard. Everyone needs a giant plastic Sonic the Hedgehog. Right?

The next thing you need in the ghetto is an eye-catching paint job. It makes it much easier to explain to your drug-deal customers where the house is:

Since the neighborhood houses are so pretty, the city of OKC decided to make a pretty little median divider. Hopefully, you can tell in these pictures that this "island" features a falling-down tree, and that it requires you to SWERVE AROUND IT on an otherwise perfectly straight street. Notice the tire marks on the curbs. It should also be stated, at this point, that this major thoroughfare was closed for a good three months while they were constructing this bullshit.

After the laundry adventures, it was time to head home. Here's our street:

Recently, a house in our neighborhood has declared itself "The Peace House." We're not really sure what kind of peace they are promoting. We thought about knocking on the door and asking if it meant the "peace pipe" kind, but decided we'd just stand on the street and take pictures of it instead.

Next door to the Peace House, there's one of the most time-consuming obnoxious paint jobs we've ever seen. Maybe THEY are the ones with the peace pipe?

What? You say you want to LIVE in this lovely neck of the ‘hood? Well, you CAN!! There is a lovely house for rent.'s lovely. The sign SAYS so.

And if you did decide to rent this property, next door is a burned-out crack house....

Speaking of home in the ghetto, the kitties don't like having to share anything in the house with their jobless mommy.

Besides reading, the other thing I've been doing to entertain myself is crochet. Not that I'm very good at it. But here's what I've been making:

Emily, however, really likes the aborted attempt at a project much better.

That will conclude your photographic tour of the Life and Times of GoingLoopy. I hope you have enjoyed your journey. Please consider booking your next trip with us.



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