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12:42 a.m. - 2005-02-26
The Party Just Never Stops Around These Here Parts
And now, for a little utter and complete randomness....

First of all, I'm #1 on an MSN search. For "stomach gurgle." That rules. Check it out!

Second of all, I just saw the most stupid-ass banner I have ever seen. I didn't click it, because I didn't want whoever this asshole was thinking that their banner got lots of hits and was GOOD when really people probably just clicked it so they could go off on its creator. I did, however, save it, so that I could post it here, mock the hell out of it, and hope that the author feels like enough of a fucktard never to run the stupid thing again.

Third, I have updated my bookshelf, because I am a complete bookworm nerd and have done nothing but read lately.

Fourth, I am very excited about my new coffee mugs. I bought them today at the antique store when I was shopping with BFRB2. I know you are all probably thinking: "Coffee mugs, Loopy? Um, I hate to, like, say this? But you need to get out more?" But really, ya'll don't understand. Most coffee mugs are wide at the top and small at the bottom, or just straight up and down. However, those suck. They are hard to drink from without spillage on self, computer keyboard, and cat, and your coffee becomes instantaneously cold, due to the large exposed surface. (This is physics, and shit. For real.) My favoritest coffee mug is this old, ugly brown and beige speckled thing with a lovely avocado and harvest gold flower painted on it. Its redeeming quality? It's NARROWER at the top than at the bottom. This gives the mug greater stability (harder for cat to knock over) and provides less surface area to be exposed to the cooling properties of the air, thus ensuring that every delicious caffeinated drop may be consumed whilst it is still nice and hot. That is, unless you get all absorbed in a hot game of Bejeweled 2 and forget you have coffee sitting there. Not that this ever happens to me, but I'm just saying, hypothetically, it could. So anyway, the mugs I found today were of the appropriate shape and size, which makes me happy, because now I can go three days without washing a coffee mug.

That is all the loopiness for this evening. Carry on.



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