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12:32 a.m. - 2005-03-23
This Is What Boredom Does to You...
So, I'm bored. Can ya TELL? By the fact that I'm getting as bad as Kris about changing my template?

Well, see, I missed all my little linkies and my buddy list. Of course, when I looked at the shit, only two of my buddies were listed. I have no fucking clue why. I'm hoping it's a D-land problem and not a "Loopy is an HTML Retard" problem. I'm going to go with the former, because my desire to do any more silly coding tonight is gone.

Anyway, I may play with this template a little too (the colors)...and I may change it again tomorrow. I tried a different one, but for some reason, the font wanted to be huge, and then when I changed the font size, it apparently made all my entries an inch wide.

Now I'm starting to understand why web designers get paid a lot. Seriously. This shit is tedious. It's enough to make you (ahem) go loopy.

In other news, BFRB and I had to run an errand today. Okay, I had to run an errand, and she wanted to go, because leaving the house is a special occasion when you're unemployed.

I had to buy a printer.

Because the one I have blows the goat ass. When I was trying to print a resume, I had to print like 90 copies to get one that didn't suck like a big black hole, and it's an inkjet, and that ink is expensive, especially when you have to run through a whole cartridge to print five legible pages. Of course, that may have something to do with the large quantity of cat hair embedded in the printer, because my kitties think it's a nice place for a nap. I did use some of that canned air stuff on it, but to no avail.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. On the south side of Oklahoma City.

The printer necessitated a trip to Circuit City. There are several, but the south side one is right off the highway, and the north side one (which may technically be closer, but I didn't MapQuest the shit out of it, so I could be completely talking out my ass) is on a very traffic-ridden busy street.

Despite the fact that my homeboy lives there, and he isn't white trash, everyone else on that side of town pretty much is. Like seriously? We drove by the Evil Empire, and at 4, the parking lot was full ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK. And it's a huge Empire, with a mammoth parking lot.

So, we're in the parking lot of Circuit City. And parked next to us, we see this car. It's got an assortment of artistically arrayed stickers, and two doors which are neatly and completely covered in duct tape.

We did add the black sticker to the left of the license plate. It's for a local band called Decibel Industry. We were supposed to go see them one night, missed them by accident (they played really early), but since BFRB is friends with a band member, we got some stickers anyway...and I happened to have one in my purse.

Before ya'll start thinking that we're just hoodlums defacing property...the car was really pretty dirty. The sticker will come off easily, if he happens to notice its presence. And BFRB was nice, and didn't go with her first impulse...which was to cover the Bush sticker.



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