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10:08 a.m. - 2005-03-24
The Salsa Ninja
Once again, BFRB and I decided that the only good excuse to leave the house when you're unemployed is alcohol, and lots of it. We were invited out by our friend Vix to join her and her colleagues for happy hour at a bar we didn't know was there. Said bar features 80 cent draw beer during happy hour.

Vix works for one of the local electric companies. The guys who invited her to join them are all the oilfield pipeline guys, not the corporate buttoned-up suit Nazis who make her life miserable. Here's some pictures of the crowd. Notice (a) the beer mugs and (b) the proliferation of flannel.

Of course, BFRB, Vix and I decided that we were somehow above the 80 cent draw beer. Actually, Vix and I are of the same mind that the only appropriate beverage for a night of debauchery is Jack & Diet Coke. BFRB prefers her beer in a bottle. Hey, we may not have jobs, but we have standards, dammit. Here's us (and check out my eyeshadow, since I closed my eyes. Nice. But it's the only pic of all three of us I have, and so I felt obliged to include it in this collection.)

We hung out there for a couple of hours, and then decided we should leave that crowd wanting more. Plus, Vix was supposed to have a date with this guy C. Since we're too young to go out alone with boys, she decided that Trix and I needed to chaperone the date. So we went back to the St. Paddy's Day bar. Oddly enough, so did the guy in the "drink till she's Irish" t-shirt. Since I'm such a nice person, I'll provide the original photo again:

And here he was (with his girlfriend) last night. The hat was the tip-off.

Vix's date was a lot of fun. He joined us in "striking a pose," even. He extolled his cooking skills at length, Vix indicated that hers were likely superior, and he continued to insist that his salsa was the best ever...leading us to christen him "The Salsa Ninja." BFRB and I volunteered to be the impartial judges at the cook-off.

The pose-striking activities:

Vix and C:

C was very open and real, and we decided we liked him. However, there were a few comments he made that caused Vix to inquire if her shirt had a "hazard" symbol, because she was feeling like a crash test dummy...and like she needed to assume the crash position:

BFRB, C and I were all for heading to the next bar. However, Vix decided that she needed to head to bed because she actually had to work tomorrow. Much as we tried to convince her to be "rollin' with the homies," she stuck to her guns. Therefore, BFRB and I went to Blockbuster and rented "Clueless" and "I Heart Huckabees" since it was nowhere near our bedtime.

Today's projects include: lunch, laundry, and a trip to flash my ID at the state unemployment office. Good times.



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