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6:59 p.m. - 2005-03-31
Make the Stupid People Shut Up.
This entry will be short and to the point.

First, thanks to everyone who expressed their condolences about my cat. You are loved and appreciated.

Second, I just read a friend's diary, and she got some hate mail. Read the entry. Then come back for the rant.

I realize that everyone does not have to agree. I also realize that you open yourself up to a lot when you have a public diary. Disagreements happen. Especially about politics. (Right, warcrygirl?) That's why many of us have comments or notes or guestbooks. For that matter, that's why we all have buddy lists. We can read the thoughts of others, marvel at the commonalities, and remark on the differences.

Here's my question. And it will make way more sense if you read her entry. I know all you lazy bastards didn't click it the first time. *snicker*

Why bother to continue reading a diary that you think blows the goat ass?

I can see communicating your dissatisfaction via e-mail, note, comment, etc. Actually, I've done that. But to keep coming back for more? When I went off on the "Advice Goddess," I never read her column again. Furthermore, I try to be sure that if I am being critical, there's nothing in my communique that someone can use against me. You don't provide ammunition for your own firing squad.

My only answer is that people who do that are just stupid and mean.

I believe in this case, a picture is worth 1000 words.

Messing with my buddies is a bad idea. If anyone else has received hate mail and would like the sender publicly ridiculed, let me know. I'm in a bad mood.



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