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2:27 p.m. - 2005-06-02
This Entry Is Not About Butt Dreadlocks.
First, a big thank you to all who took my survey. Second, if you haven't...please go take it...I'll post the results on Monday.

Second, I will say a thank you to poolagirl, who provided a survey of sorts for today's entry. I was going to update anyway, but I'm sure you'd much rather have actual intelligent rambling than me talking about my cat's butt dreadlocks, which is about the only thing I could think of this morning. Seriously, though, my long-haired fluffy little Emily gets these massive nasty dingleberries, and she hates it when I cut them off, and then she hides under the bed for days and won't talk to me.

So, on to the quiz...which explores your position on various incendiary social issues.


This is a personal, private issue, which should only be the business of the persons involved…and it should certainly not be a governmental issue. I'm not saying it should be treated as birth control, but the option should be available. What I find very ironic about this issue is that a number of people who are pro-life are also the ones screaming for the end of social programs which benefit unwanted children.

Death penalty?

I think the death penalty is wrong. There are some hideous crimes, but the "eye for an eye" justice system is basically insinuating that two wrongs make a right.

There are a number of reasons that I am against the death penalty. First, innocent people HAVE been executed. Second, it is not consistent throughout the country…some states have it, some don't; some keep people sitting for decades on death row, others don't. Third, the majority of those executed are poor minorities. (Scott Peterson is a notable exception to the usual application of capital punishment, and well, he ain't dead yet...we'll see how his appeals turn out.)

I'm not saying that people who have committed violent murders should be out walking the streets. By all means, lock them up and throw away the key. Don't give them special privileges in prison. Make their sentence a true punishment.


Legalize it. Regulate it. This would make it far less dangerous for those providing the service and those seeking it. And spare me any bullshit about how this will make more people do won't. The people who are going to seek this kind of satisfaction do so now.


It should stay legal. You would just think that, after years of hearing about stupid shit people do when they're drunk, we would all babysit each other better.


Legalize it. For fuck's sake, it's less dangerous than alcohol. A stoner is not going anywhere, except to answer the door for the pizza guy. It doesn't make you violent, it's damn near impossible to overdose, and it doesn't even cause lung damage if you were to, say, bake it in some chocolatey brownies. Further, it would be a profit-maker for business and government alike. First, there would be profits for the company, then "sin taxes" for the government…plus, they'll save money because they won't have to go chasing after dealers.

Other drugs?

Legalize them, too. I don't think you can protect people from themselves. If they want to be addicted, let them. Again, frees up assets, saves tax dollars, puts drug lords out of work, cuts down on violence over drug turf wars…again. It's not like making it legal will make more people do it. It might make people choose a different addiction, but think about it. Is alcohol any less addictive, or less dangerous? I think not.

Gay marriage?

Yes, it should be legal. I don't think it's fair to deny anyone the right to formally commit to the partner of their choice. This whole debate smacks to me of the same kind of bullshit that went on during the civil rights movement. Separate but equal, my ass.

People keep making this huge deal about how the Bible says "man and woman" and all that noise. Personally, I don't believe ANY religious document should be the basis for law. Gay people could write their own religious document about how their God says marriage is a same-sex only proposition. One set of beliefs should not take precedence over another. I fail to see how anyone would be harmed if their next door neighbors (who have lived together for 15 years), got a piece of paper saying they're married.

Illegal immigration?

How amusing that we live in a country founded by immigrants...but we don't want any MORE of them now that we're in charge. What, are we afraid they're going to do what we did to the Native Americans? If we're really the guardians of freedom on the planet, why are we so reluctant to grant those freedoms to oppressed people? Again with this whole bullshit "separate but equal" theory. What is the government afraid of that they're making it damn near impossible for people to immigrate legally?


Yep, it's time for a cigarette break. Oh, wait. That's not what that meant. Again, see answers in re: illegal drugs, alcohol, etc. I do agree that smokers should be considerate of those who do not.

Drunk driving?

Nope, shouldn't do that. Wouldn't be prudent.


This is an interesting one. If it just means cells, or organs, or maybe the occasional animal, I think it could be useful. But it does need to be regulated, and I don't think you should clone people. I read this book about that when I was a kid, called Anna to the Infinite Power where they cloned some famous mathematician, and the clones all started becoming individual people, and it was this huge clusterfuck. I guess it warped my fragile little mind and made me think that, even if they DO clone people, there are no guarantees. Plus, I read some other book or short story or article that talked about making human clones as a backup system for the, they'd have a new heart, or lungs, or whatever if they were needed. That's just freaky and fucked up and wrong.


Why, in an age where information is readily available, where the ability to interact with people of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors all over the world is a mouse-click away, do we still have this problem? It's stupid.

Premarital sex?

Yes, please.


No, thanks.

War in Iraq?

Unjustified, unprovoked, and unnecessary.


Read this. And this. Stupid greedy moronic redneck asshat.

Downloading music?

For free or paying for it?

Legal drinking age?

Is fine where it is.


Obviously, no children or animals should be harmed in its making, but as long as everybody's a grownup and no one's getting maimed or seriously hurt or killed...bring it on.


As one who has fought depression her whole life, I would hope that no one could get to this point. If you're even considering it, or thinking about it a lot, GET HELP. It doesn't have to be that way. Medication does not make you weak, and neither does seeing some sort of therapist. Seriously.

Now that I'm sure I've at least pissed off a few people, my work here is done. I may actually respond on my comments page, depending on what is thrown out there.



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