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11:08 a.m. - 2005-06-07
This Whole \"Work\" Thing Doesn't Work for Me Today.
Well, I clearly lied like a rug about not updating again before we left….

See, I'm trying to get "caught up" at "work" before we leave. Unfortunately, the ONLY thing I have to do is one of my least favorite: FILING. I hate filing. Despise it. Words cannot fully convey how much this task pisses me off. It's especially fun in this circumstance because (a) I'm not the first person that has touched these files, my predecessors (or at least two of them) were complete slobbering morons, and therefore, some shit is seriously fucked up and (b) the files are located in a variety of places, none of which make logical sense, because we have way too many of them in way too small a space, so finding them is an adventure in itself. All of which leads to the fact that I needed a break from this mind-numbing bullshit.

I really wish I didn't have to be here at all today. I have stuff to do. I need to load some software on my new laptop, burn some CD's, go locate rain boots (apparently, they are a must-have), finish packing, load the car, and a thousand other small things. Of course, my time off for this trip is not paid, so I cannot take another half-day off. All I can do is bitch and moan.

My cats have figured out that I'm leaving. They are displeased. Maggie is expressing this by whining incessantly. Emily is hiding under her chair and giving me dirty looks. And Sissy is doing her "stop, flop, and roll" trick in my path as often as possible. I have explained that TM is going to come visit them, that they will not starve, and that mommy will be back. As you may imagine, this is about as effective as teaching the proverbial pig to sing (it wastes your time, and annoys the pig.)

Speaking of the laptop, I had to go get a wireless network card last night. This did not go as smoothly as planned. See, I saw one online for $30…I thought. But I get to a certain electronics chain retailer, and did they have this? No. Was there a salesperson to ask? Nowhere in sight. Now, this particular chain retailer, where the employees where blue shirts and work on commission, is notorious for people bugging the shit out of you. However, on the rare occasion when you require assistance, they're nowhere. I finally corral one, and when I explained that I needed a very cheap wireless card, and had seen one, he pulls up the net…and there is not crap there.

I'm not a complete retard. I usually know what electronic device I need. I guess yesterday I either was one, or the version of the site they have available at the store is jacked. I did get a deal, but of course, it involves mailing in rebate crap, which is a pain in my ass.

I keep sneezing. And I think I am getting the mother of all zits on my's just vaguely swollen, but it hurts when I blow my nose or sneeze. I'm sure it will be really pretty in all of the pictures from the trip.

Ugh. I can think of nothing further about which to vent, so I suppose I must quit procrastinating and get some work done. How lame.



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