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12:25 p.m. - 2005-08-30
Be It Ever So Humble, There's No Place Like Home.
These are things I am somewhat embarrassed to admit, but I'm going to anyway:

1. I secretly like that Mariah Carey song, "Always Be My Baby."

2. I call my cat Emily "Fluffer," even though I've heard that's a term for some hot chick to get a movie star ready for a love scene.

3. I love Velveeta.

4. I honestly don't give much of a shit whether OU's football team sucks or does not suck.

5. Despite evidence of Diaryland's evilness, despite the fact that it costs money, despite the fact that everyone is moving to Blogger...I HATE BLOGGER. It's cold and impersonal. Everyone's blog looks alike. It just is not home.

So, I'm back. I paid for my SuperGold membership, and I'm done trying to move archives and do stupid shit like that. I totally respect each and every person who has decided to move, and I will of course continue to read your blogs. I just cannot. deal. with. Blogger. I like Diaryland. It's all homey and cozy and lovable.

This decision was a somewhat painful one, because I know there has been some serious fuckery by the person or persons administering this site. I know that other places offer free image hosting and free comments. The problem is, I felt like I did when we moved into a new house when I was in 7th grade. It was nicer, my room was bigger, it was in a pretty, new neighborhood...but I hated it with every fiber of my being. My friends were far away (not if I'd been old enough to drive, but at 12, it was far), the houses all looked alike, the people all looked alike, the cars all looked alike...I felt like I had lost my identity. Even though our old house had turned kind of ghetto, even if I had horribly ugly red carpet that I picked out when I was 4, even if it was too was still where I belonged, and I felt uprooted.

At 12, I didn't have a choice. Now I do. I like having my buddy list, I like knowing when people add me to theirs, I like only having one entry on a page, and I like that I can make my comments taglines say smart-ass shit.

Moving on....

Yesterday was my last day at the temp job from hell. Thank you, jeebus. Of course, I got the giant wads of guilt from the bosses. The owner actually said I had been "a delight."

Mwhahahaha. Those people so did not know me.

I also went to my Weight Watchers meeting last night, and had lost 3.2 pounds. Now, if I can manage to keep this up while I am at home, sitting on my ass and reading my new books from Barnes & Noble and playing on the internet...sigh.

I don't start my new job until after Labor Day. So I am hoping to accomplish the following things this week:

1. Get completely nasty house clean and organized.
2. Find template I like better than this one, or new photo for template.
3. Play lots of Chuzzle.
4. Go to gym a few times.
5. Party and/or do lunch with friends.

I love not being at work.



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