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10:09 a.m. - 2005-10-05
She Got the Colonoscopy, I Got the Crap.
I should so not be typing an entry right now, but I don’t care.

My co-worker (Drama Queen, hereafter DQ, but who actually does have a few living brain cells) is in the hospital. She has diverticulitis. Basically, this means her large intestine is having some serious issues. Right now, she’s on morphine, and doesn’t give a shit. However, she needs to TAKE a shit, or they won’t let her leave the hospital. And she needs to get her ass, functional or not, back here, because I’m tired of looking for proverbial needles in proverbial haystacks that she probably could find in 20 seconds and for which I spend hours of my time searching, and tired of babysitting her computer-illiterate attorneys.

This shit is stressing me out, and that is not cool. Because when I get stressed, I eat. And I don’t go to the gym. And I spend hours playing stupid-ass computer games instead of doing anything productive.

This must stop. Luckily, last night, The Biggest Loser (shut it, you knew I was going to dork out about this eventually) actually started to get good. The chicks are having drama galore, you’re starting to really see the weight loss, and you’re also starting to decide who you really don’t like and starting to see who you might even though you didn’t at first. (Don’t like: Suzanne. Actually starting to like: Shannon. Think needs to quit being an attention hog: Matt.) I still wish the show was still 90 minutes, though…this hour thing is not allowing me to really get my fix. However, I’m hoping that the motivation I have today will inspire me to actually go to the gym on the way home tonight (the bag has been in the car all week)…and will remind me that food is not a solution to my problem. Further helping in that department is the picture of kielbasa that Miss Dork posted today. Seriously. That shit makes me want to hurl pink chunks everywhere.

I know I said I was going to talk about camping, and I will, at some point. But I also said I was going to discuss dressing up your pussy for Halloween. No, not THAT one. This one!

And these two! (They are BFRB’s little meows. My other two are not cooperating fully with the costume. Yet.)

The kitties just LOVE their mamas.



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