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12:25 p.m. - 2005-12-02
Heather Guest Entry 3 Songs
[This entry was written by my lovely buddy, iamheather. ~GL]

Bear with me, this guest entry thing is all new to me. But this morning I noticed that the lovely goingloopy tagged me and who am I to say no to her. Especially when she was kind enough to supply me with such a good kickstart.

"Name your three favorite songs and describe a defining moment or memory associated with each of them."

Song #1: "Sneaky Snake" by Tom T. Hall - This song has been my favorite since I was a teeny tiny child. It reminds me of my childhood. A small timeframe where my little family was together. Meaning, I had a mom AND a dad all at the same time.

I grew up in a lot of little corner bars and taverns catering to steel and oil refinery workers. You know, the guys you see drinking at 8am on your way to work because that is happy hour for them. They just got off work as you're heading out.

My family ran a lot of these places when I was little so I was there a lot. I played a lot of pool and a lot of the little bowling game. All of the regulars would buy me cokes and let me play the jukebox when I was there. I could stay at the end of the bar as long as I behaved and I did.

"Sneaky Snake" was always on the jukebox and I sit at the end of the bar and sing along to myself every time someone played it. When the regulars started figuring this out they played it...a LOT. I remember a lot of laughter and my mom and my dad both smiling at me and hugging me. To this day, that song still takes me there.

I can't say this song is one of my favorite songs. Honestly, I don't even like it all that much. But it does have a memory attached to it.

#2 "Your Body Is A Wonderland" by John Mayer.

This is the song that Big Mike said he associated with us (me and him). I had never listened to it much, because frankly, I just didn't like it. But I liked Big Mike so I took the time to look up and read the lyrics. When I did, I completely understood why he might make that association. I might not like the song, but I liked what it said...if that makes any sense at all.

After Big Mike and I couldn't be friends anymore, I cried quite a bit. I missed him terribly and still do. Just when I think I'll be fine, I'll lose it a little. Of course, there is never any warning either. With that said, I'll give you a guess what happened when this song came over the piped in music while I was shopping at a bookstore.

I had to drop my soon-to-be purchased items and exit immediately because I couldn't stop the tears. My heart still can't stand hear that song.

And last, I'll leave you with something a little more upbeat and positive.

#3 "Christmas Time Is Here: Theme From A Peanuts Christmas" by The Vince Guaraldi Trio.

This song IS Christmas for me. Whenever I hear it I can picture the little Peanut's kids skating around a Christmas tree and the tiny, sad Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

When the holiday cartoons and specials would come around my Mom would always make sure I got to see them, but she would never tell me when they were going to be on so I wouldn't bug her incessantly about "When? When? When?". (This was before I could read.)

In the 70's, the cue for one of these specials on CBS was always the weird music and intro they played before showing them. When I heard that music, I knew I was going to get to see something good. Like the Peanuts, Frosty or Rudolph. I could be anywhere in the house and if I heard that music, I came running.

So maybe the Vince Guaraldi Trio shouldn't be the subject of the song...maybe it should be the crazy CBS "special intro" music?

Thanks, Ms. Loopy for the tag and Happy Holidays to all of the Loyal Loopy readers!



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