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3:40 p.m. - 2006-02-09
I Am Sometimes Embarrassed by the Amount of Useless Shit I Know, but That Doesn't Stop Me from Displaying It.
While I planned to avoid the update until I had something good to report, the lovely and talented Shawna has tagged me for a (and even though she provided an explanation of why we should not hate and/or mock this word, I STILL think it's retarded) meme.


4 Jobs I've Had
Grocery Checker
Pull-Tab Salesperson at Bingo Hall
Library Volunteer

4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

The Princess Bride
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
History of the World, Part I

4 Places I've Lived

Oklahoma City, OK
Houston, TX
Flint, MI
Pittsburgh, PA

4 TV Shows I Like

CSI (the original)
What Not to Wear
Dead Like Me
The Biggest Loser

4 Places I've Been on Vacation

Oregon coast
Seattle, WA
My ass in front of the computer

4 Favorite Dishes

Cheese enchiladas from Pappasitos
Blue Bunny Macadamia Mania ice cream (which they quit making and now I hate them and will not sample any other flavors because I fear them being UNCEREMONIOUSLY WRENCHED from me)
The Crawfish Combo from Pearl's (half etouffee, half fried)
Pad Thai

4 Websites I Visit Every Day

Go Fug Yourself

4 Places I'd Rather Be

Cashing in my winning lottery ticket
Having hot sex with the man of my dreams
Working at my ideal job (and if anyone has an idea what this is, do enlighten me)

I suppose I should tag some people, but either you've already done it or you have better things to do.

I suppose I do have something else positive to report. After many months of talking trash back and forth, Lando and I finally had a Trivial Pursuit challenge. And I won.


In all fairness, I will say that it was a contest, and not just me opening up my handy can of whoop-ass. But I still won.

Negotiations are underway for a rematch using a different version of the game.

I spent the better part of the last two days doing the most tedious shit ever at my temp job. The opposing lawyer promised to, like EVERYONE does, put their trial exhibits in binders with numbered tabs to separate them.

Also like most individuals with a penis and a bar number, said opposing lawyer lied.

Their exhibits came in three boxes, allegedly separated with yellow paper. First of all, the separators did not necessarily denote a new exhibit. Second, in an attempt to make sure the exhibits at trial are all continuously numbered, they started their numbers at 400...and went to 1296. Third, according to my research on various office supply sites, the pre-printed numeric tabs (a) only go up to 1000 and (b) cost about $5 for 25.

So, I was assigned the task of MAKING numbered tabs and putting them in the boxes.

I used gummy tabs (that were NOT self-stick, I might add) and card stock.

There were BIG gaps in the number sequence...their exhibit list would say something like "567-602: Numbers not used." This means I made a lot of dividers that were useless.

I didn't actually have to lick the tabs. I used an Envelope Moistener (with ADHESIVE!). However, the adhesive on the moistener and the adhesive on the tabs made me look like I had been giving hand jobs with the tips of my fingers.

Dear god, it was boring.

I have had several other job interviews, including one this morning. The one this morning MIGHT not suck, but it would at least pay relatively well, have good benefits, and involve some travel to cool places. Yes, it's fucking lawyers again, but I would get to learn new computer-dork skills, and basically just read documents the rest of the time. No scheduling, no docketing, no clients.

Another interview was not at a law firm, but the people there appeared to do things like wear suits every day and require employees to pee in a cup before hiring them and have giant sticks shoved up their ass, so perhaps this is not the job for me. It's also not close to my house. The money and benefits would be good, but that, and the fact that it's not a law firm, are really the only things I would like about it.

Interviews are just annoying. Especially when, like me, due to circumstances beyond your control, you have had at least three jobs in the last year. I'm tired of the "well, why did you leave there?" in an accusatory tone from HR directors. It just makes me want to give smart-ass answers and/or tell them to quit being so fucking smug because they have had the same job for the last 5 years. I can only hope that one day, karma will catch up to them, and they will have to job hop and deal with rejection and unemployment and feeling like a loser.

Finally, today I received some CD's from Smed! He sent me four of them, all specially crafted. I cannot wait to listen. Like, I almost want to take a road trip so that my listening will be uninterrupted. But alas, since I have a temp job and other things pending and BONNAROO tickets to buy...a road trip would be ill-advised at the present time.



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