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9:09 p.m. - 2006-04-04
Blurring the Lines Between 80's Pop, Acid Rock, and Dungeons & Dragons.
The splint lasted a grand total of six days before I decided that it sucked donkey balls and quit wearing it. The good news is that my foot is a lot better. The swelling has gone way down, the bruises are fading, and I can almost walk without limping. It hurts like a bastard at the end of the day, though.

What I officially did was chip a piece off one of the bones in my foot. Strangely, I can feel the little bony piece sticking up…I think. It does kind of hurt to poke at it, so I have not made a thorough investigation.

I still have been wearing an elastic ankle brace, which gives me a whole new take on the Michael Jackson look. Instead of one glove, I have one white sock-like thing with my (mostly black) work pants and shoes. I guess as long as I retain my original nose and cheekbone shape and skin tone, I'm not in too much danger….

I think that Lando and I are affecting each other strangely. A few weeks ago, it was a shopping trip where he bought books and I bought video games. This past weekend…it was me dorking out and playing his favorite computer game, World of Warcraft, and him actually enjoying a tie-dye experience. He posted a picture of his creation in his blog….so I guess I'll show you mine.

The long-sleeve t-shirt (this one I used the ends of the dye, and they were diluted, hence the paler colors):

The socks (yes, they're obnoxious...the picture doesn't really even begin to convey how obnoxious…and no, I probably won't wear them in public, except maybe at the Roo):

Pillowcase #1 (this had more white than I wanted…oh well):

Pillowcase #2 (this one came out most awesome, if I do say so myself):

He also made me watch part of Lord of the Rings, but was nice enough to turn it off after an hour when I deemed it boring.

And has me stuck on Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I have long been a reader of Mr. King's novels. I would even count some of them among my favorite books. But I tried to read The Gunslinger several times, and each time, I'd get through about the first 20 pages and decide that I would much rather take a nap. However, being that several months of unemployment had adversely affected my ability to spend money at Barnes & Noble, I was desperate. I slogged through the first one, and after the was all over. I just finished the third one (The Waste Lands), it ended VERY ABRUPTLY AT THE FUCKING CLIMAX OF THE BOOK and now I'm really glad I grabbed Book 4. Otherwise, I would be forced to go to the bookstore and buy it. This is almost as bad as Harry Potter. I read the first one at my mom's one holiday, she didn't have the second one (one of her students borrowed it), and the third and fourth were not yet out in paperback. What did I do as soon as I got home? Bookstore. Bought them. Then agonized with the rest of the world waiting for the next installments.

Thankfully, at least all seven books in THIS series are published. Hopefully Lando's boss will bequeath another day off before I finish the fourth book...or it will take every ounce of willpower not to go buy the next one.




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