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3:55 p.m. - 2006-10-19
When You Haven't Posted an Entry in 69 Days, Short Descriptions Are Impossible.
As someone pointed out, I havenít exactly been prolific here lately. Itís not that I donít have things going on in my life, but Iíve just been sort of lacking in the inspiration and motivation departments lately.

For starters, work has been at red-alert on my Annoy-O-Meterô lately. An illustration:

* Definition: If I had lots of money, Iíd buy a real one. Lando got me a miniature one for my birthday. Itís a rather substantial model, and itís kind of heavy. In our e-mails to one another, he suggested that I use it as a blunt instrument to wreak havoc upon the skulls of the attorneys at work who were pissing me off, i.e., ďG35 him.Ē While the thought is tempting, Iím afraid that it would just bounce off the thick skulls of the offending parties.

** Definition: One learns many new expressions when one plays an online game such as the highly addictive internet heroin known as World of Warcraft. One is ďDIAFĒ, which means ďdie in a fire.Ē

Certain highlights:

  • Discovered complete incompetence level of former co-worker in the form of two giant boxes of documents that had not been reviewed or produced in a case that was going to hearing in 6 weeks. Had to deal with bitching, whining, etc. from Mr. Snorty in this regard.
  • Had to spend many hours doing projects that were a complete waste of time because the cases either settled or got continued.
  • Had to deal with neuroses of Mr. Meeting regarding a case that is not going to hearing until fucking June 2007.
  • Entirely too much interaction with Mr. Snorty (whom I have also taken to calling ďAssnuggity McFucktardĒ) and Mr. Big Boss. Meetings. Hours of meetings. Meetings in which the two of them do not listen to one another and in which I just want to shake both of them.
  • Ms. Whiny and her need to rearrange the contents of 6 4-inch binders when she has been told repeatedly that we use the same format for all the cases and she can get over it, already.

In addition to, or perhaps partly because of, the job stress, I have been dealing with a major bout of the old depression. I made the mistake of going five days without my magic happy pills (simply because I was busy as crap during the day and kept forgetting to call and get a refill until after 5), and almost had a complete meltdown. In connection with this, I have been eating entirely too much cheese, chocolate, and Chinese buffet, and have not been sleeping worth a shit.

Iím back on the meds, and got some sleepy pills, and Iím feeling better, but I need to take the next step and quit eating like shit and go back to the gym. I did buy a replacement for my broken MP3 player, and dig out my good tennis shoes, but have not actually set foot in the gym yet. I know I will feel better when I do, both physically and mentally, but breaking the entropy is difficult. Iíve been trying to recapture where I was mentally when I first started the whole exercise and diet thing, and I remembered that, when I started, I was totally not stressed out at work and was not expending any mental energy during the day. That is not the case now. Itís harder to make yourself go get tired physically when your brain is fried. However, I am going to have to get over that, because Iím not liking the fit of my clothes one iota right now, and Iím not buying more superfat clothes. I bought one pair of jeans, and thatís only because I ripped a hole in another pair that happened to be my favorite.

So yeah. I donít feel like Iíve been much of myself latelyÖI know I havenít been writing much, or commenting much, or anything much. Iím going to try to get some dynamite and blast myself out of this silly funk. Itís not like my life is horrible, for fuckís sake. Iíve had stressful jobs before and not been so antisocial.

What Iím hoping is that, by writing about this, it will prove the kick in the ass I need to get back to Happy Fun LoopyÖbecause somehow that seems to happen. At least it worked with Landoís cat. He was being a little shithead, and then after I wrote about it, heís been all cute. (This would, of course, have NOTHING to do with the fact that I taught him that the magic words ďkitty munchiesĒ would be followed in short order by a tasty snack.)

I need to get back on the blogging busÖI have stories to tell. Iíll leave you with one:

I went to lunch the other day with my former office-mate. On the way to meet her, I pass by some people standing around discussing various carpet samples laid out on the floor. One of the people had a white cane with a red tip. Yes. A blind guy was helping pick out the carpet.

That goes a long way toward explaining why the inside of that building is so tacky.



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