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11:30 am - 09 December 2005
Heeland Lass Rambling
Oof. Am I too late? I feel like Iíve come running into your life with arms and legs flailing wildly, completely out of breath, puffing and panting, skidding along the floor with my bag and books flying everywhere.

ÖÖÖÖÖÖ..skidding to a haltÖÖÖÖÖÖ.Right. Sorry. I may be far too late for this, but Iíll write it anyway and see what happens. I am Heeland Lass and if you know me, youíll know that my entire life revolves around booze and swearing and not much more besides (which is kind of depressing if you think about it). So Ė hello all my lovely friends who do know me, and hello to all you sensible people who donít read me. Itís a lot less confusing and calmer that way, believe me.

The lovely Loopy and I have been mulling over some CD swapping ideas ever since I was part of a CD chain thingamiedoodah and so I suppose this is kind of a fitting guest entry for me to do. I know I sound like everybody else when I say ĎIím really honoured Iíve been askedí and all that jazz, but I really am. I met the Loopy One when I did a guest entry for my bud clarity25, which wasnít very long ago at all and so Iím at the very early stages of a lovely and promising friendship with your hostess with the mostess, Loopy.

Still. Iím always up for a challenge and seeing as Iíve just heard one of my favourite tunes of all time, EVAH on the radio, I thought Iíd just go for it.

So. The theme is 3 favourite songs of all time ever and what they mean to me isnít it?

This list changes all the time, it really does Ė if it was a top 10 or a top 20 it might be pretty static, but when itís a tiny wee number like this, it can be quite hard. Anyway, blah blah blah.

Sing it Back Ė Moloko

This is the song I just heard on the radio. This is a summer time song. It reminds me of being at the Nottinghill Carnival in London Town with Bandito and one of my true, true best friends jen (that is a link to a sad story so donít read it if you want to be happy about it being Friday). It was an incredibly sunny day. I think Bandito and I were going to Barcelona a few days later so that would mean it was a few days before he proposed to me. Being with Jen was such a laugh, even though I didnít really enjoy the carnival it was a real eye opener. Too many people for my liking. Anyway, it turned quite cloudy and we were just deciding whether to go somewhere quieter or stay where we were, we were a bit wrecked (if you know me, youíll know what Iím talking about) and this song came on and the sun burst out of the clouds and we all just went a bit crazy. It will always remind me of Jen. And thatís a very good thing.

Into Your Arms Ė The Lemonheads

I looooooooooove this band. With all my heart and soul. I was in love with evan dando when I was a wee tie dye wearing, doc marten stomping indie kid and I will love him until my dying day because of songs like this. When Bandito and I decided to get married, I didnít want a normal wedding. I hate the wedding march (no offence intended) and we didnít really have a special song that said what we wanted. Then my friend bought me the best of The Lemonheads as a wee present and in my excitement I stuck it on so that Bandito could hear what Iíd been banging on about (i.e the music you listened to when you were a lad was shit compared to the great stuff I listened to). The acoustic version of Into Your Arms came on and after Iíd sung the first bit ĎI know a place, where I can go when Iím low. Into your arms Iíll go, into your arms I will goí, we both looked at each other and knew that had to be the song I walked down the aisle to. Itís so fitting. ĎI know a place thatís safe and warm from the crowds, into your arms Iíll go, into your arms I will go, and if I should fall, I know I wonít be alone, be alone anymoreí. Sigh. Without getting too slushy and making you hate me, I suppose this song just reminds me that I am a very lucky girl. I really am. I love Bandito so much it makes my heart explode. And when we have off days, I put this song on and I remember why Iím doing this marriage thing in the first place.

Okay. No more slush. Hmm. Last one. What will I pick? Itís a tough call. Should it be something meaningful? Should I pick something that will give me instant street cred? What about something that will make me look really high brow and clever? Nah.

Free Bird Ė Lynyrd Skynyrd

Oh my god. Have you ever tried to listen to this song on your personal stereo (yes everybody. I STILL have a cassette tape personal stereo) when youíre doing something really normal like standing in line at the bank? Or walking up the road? It is impossible to listen to it and not move. Iíve tried. Impossible I tell you.

My friend LB, fantastic lass that she is, introduced this song to me when I was about 24. The first bit came on and I thought Ďoh god, am I really going to have to listen to some kind of soft rock hellish thing just to keep my friend happy?í I kept looking at her and she kept looking at me with a wicked grin on her face Ďwait a minute, wait for it, wait for ití she kept saying. I lit another fag and waited and waited. And waited. And waitedÖ.next thing, I was blown off the sofa and onto my feet and playing air guitar like some demented wench.

I canít help grinning when I hear this song. It reminds me of being hopelessly drunk and fiendish with all of my friends. If there was one song that had to be in the movie of my life, it would be that one Ė the extended version!! Sometimes when itís been on Iíve stepped out of the mess of flailing arms and legs and hair and glasses and sloshing beer and general craziness and watched my friends go crazy, with huge toothy grins and wild eyes. I look at them like this and try so hard to keep the image in my memory.

Itís images like that that will keep me happy when Iím an ancient old crone sitting in my rocking chair and talking to my great grandchildren about my life. Itís images like that that remind me I am a human being and surrounded by other human beings Ė the good ones, the bad ones, the bonkers ones, the loving ones, the ones that make you throw your head back with laughter, the ones that bring a tear to your eye when you hear their tale, itís images like this that remind me Iím alive and happy and crazy and inspired by everything around me. Itís images like that that remind me I am me, Heeland Lass, and life is good Ė even when the shit hits the fan and things go belly up sometimes Ė weíre part of a huge, wonderful, scary, crazy, wild, frightening, fresh and just plain fantastic world.

And for a song to remind you of all that, and more, well Ė itís got to go in the top 3 donít you think?

Right. Well, now I need to rush home and record a few tapes to take on holiday with me. I am suitably inspired.

If you got to the end of this, then well done. I thank you. And I thank YOU Loopy for asking me to do this.

To each and every one of you Ė have a really lovely day xxx



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