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2:59 a.m. - 2005-06-13
\"Sleep and know that if I knew all of the answers, I would not hold them from you.\"
At last, I am sitting here in my apartment.

It's been a long, strange road. And instead of beginning at the beginning, I am going to begin at the end. I am too tired and too drained and too spent to even begin recounting anything beyond the last two hours.

I am sitting here, and I am grateful to be in a chair on a floor with a fan blowing on me. I am grateful to be periodically preventing my cat from typing. I am grateful that my wet hair is leaving clean-smelling spots on my dry, fresh t-shirt. I am glad to smell my favorite lotion soaking into my pores.

I am grateful, at last, to be able to sit and read and type and not worry about being eaten by a variety of ginormous insect life. I am grateful that I can enjoy this large cup of icy water and have another one and know that when nature calls, I can answer it in my own potty with my own toilet paper and not have to worry about who peed on the seat and the mud I have had to wade through to get to it. I am grateful that soon, I will lay down on a pillow with a clean pillowcase on a bed that is not steadily deflating and that has never been sprayed with Deep Woods Off.

So, for tonight, I will leave with this.

I survived Bonnaroo.

And I can't wait to go back.



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