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9:33 a.m. - 2004-10-27
I'm Such a D-Land Slut
So I was reading my buddy warcrygirl this morning (and spare me the "but you should be working" comments, mmmkay?), and I discovered a new way to validate myself. You see, ever since Dusty posted the now-infamous album covers entry, and subsequently got a paying gig as a blogger, we've all had site-traffic envy. Whether we would admit it or not, we all dream of writing "the" entry which will get forwarded all over the world and make us at least cult-classic famous...and result in a paycheck. (Wait, though...don't we all update while we're at work? I guess that technically means we're getting paid for this. It's just not quite the same.) But, since I can't think of anything that funny which hasn't been done to death, I have to resort to shameless self-promotion. You, too, can be your own pimp:


I am a bit concerned, though, about their "approval guidelines." Apparently, they don't want you to use profanity. Or talk about sex. Or drugs. Not supposed to "offend" anyone, you see. Ummm, then what am I supposed to talk about? I guess I can discuss my furry children. Or perhaps the weather. I guess I will just have to wait and see how serious they are about this nonsense. I've been VERY VERY careful not to use profanity in this entry, and hopefully, this will be all they read. *Loopy's halo sparkles and shines*

So, if you were referred by the Blog Explosion, please say hi. Actually, everyone say hi. I love comments. They make me feel all quivery inside. Plus, have to get my $2.00 a month worth out of that SuperGold Membership, after all.



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