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9:10 a.m. - 2005-06-30
Tuberculosis, Toyotas, Thongs, and Tools
I am sort of writing a serious entry.

But right now, it's in the "whiny and pretentious" stage.

So instead, we're going to discuss all the silly crap that's happened in my life this week. Because really, who wants to be all deep and meaningful? Screw that.

The moron in the office next door to mine either has tuberculosis or whooping cough…or has been taking big greedy bong hits at her desk. This chick is just flat weird. She's nice enough, but she sends out some negative vibes. All the fucking time. She walks around looking like the world is going to end. She left her abusive husband but took him back, and talks to his dumb redneck ass on the speakerphone all day. She's only a year older than I am, but she looks 10 years older. I kinda feel sorry for her. But then I have to listen to her talk…which she does. Incessantly. And her facial expressions remind me of some seriously bad melodramatic acting I saw at speech tournaments in high school and college.

The cough worries me. I always get sick over three-day weekends. Here's to a phlegm-free Fourth.

I have recently considered purchasing a new vehicle. I wanted a Scion tC, silver, with a 6-disc changer. I went to test drive, and I liked. The salesperson said the price was the price, no negotiating, no bullshit. I liked.

Then they looked at my trade-in, and told me it was worth $4000 less than what I owe. I did not like.

Granted, I am probably slightly upside down, but ONLY on trade value. Retail on my car is significantly more than what I owe. I saw a similar vehicle which was not a convertible and had twice the mileage advertised for almost $15,000. The trade-in value for my car, according to my online research, is $10,600. They offered me $2000 LESS…and the asshole doing the estimate talked to me like I was stupid and insinuated that I had looked up the value three months ago. Fucker. Also, they allegedly have no "wiggle room" on Scion deals. Whatever.

Therefore, I said, okay, well, I will try to sell the car on my own, get the loan paid off, and then I'll come back.

When I originally started looking for this car, I e-mailed a local car dealership. They e-mailed back, we set up a time, etc. Well, apparently, the e-mailer didn't know I came in, and e-mailed me to ask if I was coming. I told him the whole story. Now he is trying to sell me a more expensive car. I'm not entirely opposed to this…only mostly. I would be at least willing to test drive and listen to the spiel…IF the motherfucker would answer my direct questions in re: what I would be purchasing and for how much. Did he? No. He is talking in monthly payments and telling me that it's a better car and will save me on gas and insurance. I specifically asked him yesterday to fax me some information. He did not. He just sent me an e-mail blowing more smoke up my ass.

I have not e-mailed back. It's the 30th. I'm sure I'll hear from him some more today. Really, this has been most entertaining. The problem he has is this: the only other car I would consider buying is a V6 Solara…which costs more than I want to spend. I do not want a 4-cyl Solara, because that's too little engine for too much car. I do not want a 4-door car, I don't like the Celicas, and I'm also being hella-picky about the color. (I want a silver one, so it doesn't show dirt. And plus, I am most tired of screaming red.) In my world, this is a lot of money, and if I am going to be paying for the car for the next five years, it's going to be EXACTLY what I want.

My problem with the whole thing is that they made the mistake of telling me their value for my trade. Now, it's all "well, we can make you a deal on a Toyota." Yeah, a deal that involves me taking 4 grand right up the ass. That's why he won't fax me anything. That, and I'm sure he knows that the first thing I will do is call the bank that holds the note on my current car…and get a better interest rate. I have a most lovely and flawless payment history with them. They send me letters all the time telling me to call them if I buy a new car.

We shall see what juicy and delicious carrot the car salesman tries to dangle in front of me today. At least this gives me something to do at work.

I hate all my shoes. Especially the ones I have on today. However, my first choice to go with this outfit involves flip-flops. Not that anyone on our floor really gives a rat's ass. But today, we have a firm get-together after work, where important people will be…and I think the important people frown on the flip-flops. Dammit. If only my job were permanent already.

What is the shoe problem, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's that for some reason, sandal manufacturers seem to not be conscious of the fact that people wear sandals BAREFOOT in HOT WEATHER. So said sandals are constructed with slippery, slidy leather and/or plastic. This makes your feet all sweaty and gross, and makes them slide back and forth until you have ginormous blisters and the only shoes you can wear without excruciating pain are….flip-flops.

I don't like my shampoo today, either. It smells like old lady perfume. I never noticed that before. I hope I haven't been smelling like that for long.

This entry would not be complete without a little G.W.B. bashing. That tool continues to make some bullshit connection between 9/11 and the war in Iraq. Further, he's basically saying we'll be there for a long fucking time, so get ready for it.

This fucknut is also trying to get the presidential 2-term limit eradicated….so he can run for a third term and continue his quest for dominance of the world's oil supply.

At least his approval ratings are way down. Maybe there is hope.



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