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1:04 a.m. - 2006-02-11
Friday Night (ish) Free Association
Since a certain person gave me much shit for typing "hahahahaha" after winning the original Trivia Challenge, I am going to be fair, and nice, and admit that he won the second game. But it was the 80's edition and not the original.

Now that the groveling and/or consumption of (some) crow is out of the way, here's a little something I swiped from Violet, by way of this website.

This is free type the first thoughts in your mind regarding the following words and/or phrases.

  1. Taking sides:: Mediation. Picking the wrong one. Lawyers. Scapegoat.

  2. Couples:: Loneliness. Envy. Secret hope.

  3. Right of refusal:: Never get what you really want.

  4. Marla:: Austin. Stupid melodramatic ugly-ass fucktard I went to high school with who nonetheless managed to make people think she had talent when she SO did not.

  5. Multiple:: Personality disorder. Choice. Orgasms.

  6. Trinity:: Session (the Cowboy Junkies album). University I almost attended. Proof that, despite their claims to the contrary, Christians do have more than one God.

  7. Sneeze:: Now, who are the other Seven Dwarves? Wondering whether your eyeballs might really pop out of your head if you don't close your eyes when you do it.

  8. Sweatpants:: Wish they didn't have stupid elasticky cuffs. Never soft inside after the first washing. Pajama pants are better.

  9. Steve:: "All gay men have track lighting. And all gay men are named Mark, Rick or Steve." (From Steel Magnolias.)

  10. Fabulous:: See above in re: gay. I am not trying to be stereotypical here, but the only people I have ever heard use this word in casual conversation are either (a) homosexual (b) completely pretentious chicks or (c) really wasted...or some combination thereof. Feather boas. Champagne. Glitter. Platform shoes.

Today was filled with sleeping and yet another useless job interview. I love it when you waste a whole hour and then have them tell you that they can't pay what you're asking for...and then try to say that "the benefits raise the compensation package" and "what's the absolute lowest amount you would take?"

Look, fucknut. What I asked you for was my bottom dollar. Your benefits do not pay my rent. And, furthermore, at my previous jobs, I had benefits AND made the amount of money for which I asked your dumb ass. I see your fancy-ass car in the parking lot, so don't be telling me you can't afford to pay a real salary...especially at an hourly-billing defense firm.

I wish I could sleep...



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