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5:28 p.m. - Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2005
Songs, songs, everywhere's a song ... (Yes, I know those aren't the real words. Just play along, asshole.)
Wazzup my peeps! Blue Meany here, ready to make your rockin' world go 'round! Or something!

Loopy rules for keeping me on the "tagged" list, even though it has taken me something like three hundred forevers to actually write an entry. Thank you, Loopy!

And here are my three songs, or four if I think of another really good one:

"All That She Wants" by Ace of Base -- When I first heard this song, I was a very very very sheltered preteen. I don't remember exactly where or when it first entered my brain, but it was my introduction to the world of Music Which My Parents Hate. I listened to the "The Sign" album (on CASSETTE) almost exclusively until I discovered this thing called The Radio, which opened my ears to all kinds of songs that continue to run throrugh my head to this very day.

"Too Close" by Next -- Everyone has a That Awesome Summer song. This was mine. The summer this song came out (1998, I believe), I was in summer school with my good friend Meaghan, and every day after class was over, we hopped into her mom's minivan and cruised around looking for trouble to cause and bridges to jump off of. Also, there was a large quantity of drinking. This was the last period of my life that I can honestly say will be fondly remembered for being full of all kinds of unbridled, amoral fun which is now a giant blur. (see: Drinking, Lots of)

"Perfect Gentleman" by Wyclef Jean -- This is the one that goes, "Just 'cause she dances go-go, that don't make her a ho, no; Maxine putcha red shoes o-on, we goin' to the disco ..." and it has that beat which makes it a perfect driving song. The month before I joined the Army, my best friend and I went on a road trip, and every single time we got in the car (a bright red Toyota Celica), that was the song we played first. I think we wore holes in the seats from all the car-dancing we did, but it was worth it to sit at intersections with the windows down and be those two crazy white girls blasting the bass and passionately bleating, "We gonna e-e-elope, to Me-he-he-hico; call up my mama say 'I'm in love with a strippa yo.'"

"You Never Even Called Me By My Name" by David Allan Coe -- Four words for this song: Drunk In The Barracks.

Oh, why not? One more. (Sorry. I broke the rules a little. I always was a bit of a half-assed rebel.)

"Walk On Me" by Ben Kweller -- Husband introduced me to Ben Kweller, and this song of his (which we both loved) pretty much summed up our relationship (still sort of does, but whatever). For some reason, I never took that as a bad sign. No matter what happens between us in the future, this song will always serve as a reminder to me that I can be kind of stupid sometimes, but it's all Love's fault.

So there you have it! A bunch of songs which, whenever I hear them, will prompt me to tell stories about certain times in my life that most people couldn't really care less about. Awesome, huh? I think so, too.

Holler back, yo.



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