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1:20 p.m. - 2006-06-27
Intermission: Dork Time!
Well, I was planning to post my next entry about all the sights and sounds of Bonnaroo, but then, I was bored at work, and read THIS:

For those who ignore the linkage, here’s the deal. J.K. Rowling said in an interview that two more characters are going to be killed in Book 7 of the Harry Potter series.

Being that Lando is as much of a dork as I am, I e-mailed him the link, thus commencing a debate on who will be the unlucky characters. He says Harry and Voldemort. However, I think that, from the way the article was phrased, Rowling is not counting Harry in the two. I do agree that Harry’s going to get his, though, to the point that I bet a former co-worker $50 after the publication of Book 5 that Harry bites it in Book 7.

I think she’s going to kill Hagrid for sure, and perhaps a Weasley…and I almost think it’s Mr. Weasley. My rationale is that every parental figure (that is, parental figures who actually love him, not the Dursleys) has gotten smoked….that would be Sirius and Dumbledore. Hagrid and Mr. Weasley have also stood in the father role, and hence, they’re toast.

I think Voldemort dies if Harry does, because of that “neither can live while the other survives” shit in the prophecy.

However, I know many of you share the dork regarding Harry Potter, so I’m taking a poll!

Who gets it in Book 7, other than Harry and/or Voldemort?

Post your votes in the comments. I was going to do one of those little integrated poll thingies, but seriously, it takes forever to get them to be the right size, and I’m just feeling a little lazy-ish.

Since I’m not talking about the Roo, now will be the time when I bring up some other random shit. For example:

~Quizno’s has started this silliness where they give you a real fork if you order a salad. Granted, it’s kind of a cheap fork, and it comes in plastic wrap, but why? Charge me a dollar less for the salad, fuckers. Plus, their lettuce is shredded almost like coleslaw. While big giant chunks of lettuce that are impossible to put in your mouth have long been a pet peeve of mine, I am not sure the shreds that resemble that silly crap people put in gift bags that the cats eat and then poop different colors for three days are any better.

~I have to go to Indianapolis in 3 weeks for a hearing, and there are apparently no hotel rooms anywhere near the conference center at which the hearing is being held. This means that (a) I will have to get up stupidly early and (b) I will have to deal with Mr. Meeting’s general freakout in re: getting to and from the hearing. I think I few of you are in the Indianapolis area. What the fuck is so exciting there in July? For real. I thought that the Indy 500 was the big attraction, and that shit was a month ago.

~My computer has been all quirky lately. First, it was some random beeping noise that would not stop and problems booting up. Then, it was the whole “insert CD to burn and computer restarts” trick. I believe my overtime for the upcoming hearing will be applied to the purchase of a computer that doesn’t suck and that will run World of Warcraft in a non-laggy and jacked up fashion.

~I love my Tide To Go pen, because I have bad luck with food. (On many levels, but this involves the one about dropping it on my clothing.) It’s magic.

~Last night at the MickeyD’s drive thru, I get behind this Escalade. I catch whiffs of “separate orders” from my car as they are shouting at the speaker, and then I catch the “please pull up to the window and I’ll get your order.” I order my simple burger & fries from the dollar menu, and then proceed to wait. And wait. While the Escalade contingent is attempting to place their order by all talking at once, one of them gets out of the car sporting some really hott pink Capri pants with black pleather buckle-y things on the side, walks inside, and then comes back out. I have no idea why. All of this made it take 15 minutes to get a cheeseburger.

I believe that concludes this random intermission in the whole Roo experience.



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