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10:53 a.m. - 2004-09-02
Get a Condom...or Get a Job
Get a Condom…or Get a Job

Let me state, for the record, that I am not a Republican. I think George W. Bush is a moron, the war in Iraq is a mistake, that the minimum wage is way too low, and that big business doesn't need any more tax breaks. I am heartily in favor of the ERA, protecting the environment as much as possible without resorting to living like pioneers, and health care for everyone. However, I have some REAL problems with the welfare system.

BG (the friend with the asshole brother), said that yesterday, she found out that her 20-something cousin is pregnant….for the third time. The cousin is collecting money from the government. She has no job. The kids all have different fathers.

Excuse me, but why should my hard-earned money be going to pay for other people's bad life choices?? I think it sucks donkey balls that I have to pay more in taxes than single parents with the same income….after all, their kids are in public school, and their SUV's take up more of the road than my car. However, since I went to public school, and my mother is a teacher (overworked and underpaid), I can at least get over that. After all, the parents are actually WORKING.

But these bitches who pop out one kid after another puzzle me. Getting pregnant by mistake once is dumb. In today's society, we all know that birth control exists, and that sex causes babies. Getting pregnant twice….is deliberate. Getting pregnant a third time….is just retarded. And expecting me to pay for this shit is completely wrong.

I don't mind that low-income single folks can get all kinds of grants and loans to go to college. It's okay that they can get DHS assistance with child care. I have no objection to their kids getting free health insurance. I don't mind that they can get Section 8 housing. I don't even mind much that the government will feed them…with WIC and food stamps.

What I DO mind is that my single, working friends and I can barely survive. We cannot get any assistance at all because we make too much money. However, we don't make enough to contribute to a retirement plan, buy a house, pay off a car, or avoid bankruptcy if something catastrophic happens. In the meantime, these welfare bitches are collecting a check every week for having irresponsible sex, and even though they have all kinds of help available, they continue to whine about not having any chance in life.

I'm tired of people and their excuses. Yeah, life sucks. Yeah, life's not fair. But get the fuck over it and do something productive…not RE-productive.



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