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4:16 p.m. - 2004-09-26
DayQuil, Jack Daniels, and Taco Bueno
DayQuil, Jack Daniels, and Taco Bueno

It's that time of year...the time for the disgusting, gross, neverending upper respiratory infection. And it's all thanks to my friends in the office next door. It's sounded like the fucking tuberculosis ward in there for weeks, and they finally managed to breach my immune system's defenses. For the last four days, I have been very very very sick.

This is the part where I whine....

I didn't know my body could produce this much snot, and that it needed all of it so badly. I can't smell, I can't hear, and I can't breathe. I try to blow my nose and nothing happens, except I feel like my eardrums are going to implode.

I've consumed three bottles of Robitussin DM (and/or its generic equivalents) over the last three days. Not working. Box of Day Quil - ditto. Sugar-free hot spiced cider with Jack Daniels...better, but not by much. Spicy fast mexican food...couldn't really taste it, so now it's just sitting there.

I can't really smoke much, and my head is so stopped up I think I'm getting dizzy from lack of oxygen. I can't tell if (a) I'm running a fever (b) I've combined the wrong medications or (c) I'm semi-drunk.

This was not how I planned to spend my weekend. I planned to (a) hang out with BFRB2 and her niece (b) see a movie, have dinner, and get laid and (c) work out a few times. What I've done instead is (a) played endless games of MahJongg Towers II (b) whined enough that GID brought me some cough syrup and (c) sat on my ass for two days.

I wish I had sick time, but I don't. This means I will have to drag my hacking, coughing, sniffling, sneezing ass to the office tomorrow. However, I will use copious amounts of Germ-X antibacterial hand gel so that I don't infect anyone else.

Part of me would love to just go off on someone or something, but I can't summon the energy.

I. Feel. Like. Ass.



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