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8:43 a.m. - 2004-12-15
10, 10, 9.5, 10, 6.2 from the East German Judge
Have I mentioned lately that I'm a complete klutz? Well, consider it mentioned.

So this morning, I wake up with a raging sinus headache. I feel like ass. The one potential bright spot is my morning happy coffee. I trek downstairs, return with coffee, and begin the scientific preparation for drinking of same. (French Vanilla creamer and Splenda…the place from whence the coffee came has nasty powdered creamer.) As I attempt to execute the final blending of the brew, I knock over the coffee cup. The 22 ounce, completely full coffee cup. All over the breakroom table.

The table contains the coffee pot, nasty ass-tasting Folger's, creamer, tea, sugar, sweeteners, stir sticks, cups, paper towels, Clorox clean-ups, and assorted other office break room paraphernalia. I baptized each and every item in the name of the Caffeine God, Insomnia Fairy, and Sinus Headache Wizard.

Then, after using an entire roll of paper towels and several of the conveniently located Clorox clean-ups, I have to go BACK downstairs to actually get my coffee. Luckily, the preparation this time was incident free. I'm just waiting, though, because I have this sinking feeling I'll be spilling it all over my desk. It's that kind of morning. Should this happen, I'm going the fuck home.

I really need some sleep.



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