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1:22 p.m. - 2005-12-07
Beware the \"DanjerusKurves\"
Hullo dahlings, this is DanjerusKurves chiming in (ha!) on the "name your three favourite songs and what they remind you of" tag. Poor Loopy has no idea what she is letting herself in for in allowing me to purge all over her blog! I think she's actually expecting me to follow the rules or something. The problem with anybody asking me about my favourite song/film/drink/sexual position is that I don't HAVE specific favourites. I love a LOT of different types of music and films and drinks and . . . well, I just love sex, period. Well, good sex anyway. Oh, come ON, those of you who read my website know I'm fixated on sex so don't try pretending that I wasn't going to go there!

Live and Let Die by Wings
A "favourite"? hell no. I hate this bloody song! But, it did mark a memorable event in my formative years. My parents loved to go out dancing on Saturday nights and when I was 14 they'd invariably drag me along in order to prevent me from being home alone and, heaven forbid, having a boy over. WHAT???? Shut.Up. Anyway, the club they went to played the then-current pop songs. One of which was the aforementioned. One night we were there and this absolutely GORGEOUS guy asked me to dance to this song. To this day I don't know what he was thinking to ask ME. Maybe he was a pedophile or maybe I looked mature for my age. Anyway, if you are familiar with this gawdawful song then you will know that it is like two different songs badly mixed together. It starts out slow and then for no particular reason speeds right up. Try dancing to THAT. This guy and I started out in a somewhat polite slow dance and then WHAMMO! all of a sudden we are flailing enthusiastically to the unexpected fast tempo ... then slow again. It was awful to say the least.

Like A Virgin by Madonna
So, I was at this bar one night . . . I know, me at a bar? who would have thought it!!? I'm chatting with a male friend and we are exchanging humourous insults. I had just made some kind of crack about "Oh, you know you couldn't afford me, so why ask how much?" His response was to say rather loudly "FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR A HANDJOB, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!" Just.As.The.Song.Ended.

Any 80s Alternative Song that I dance to on Friday nights

So very many good things have happened to me at myNightclub that it would take me many sentences and much egotism to list them all. Well, that, and I can't remember all of them. And a lot of times it is difficult to really put those experiences into words. And, hell yes, this is a total cop-out section. I will say, though, that I have received many wonderful compliments from 20-somethings of both genders regarding my dancing and my outfits. And I've gotten to make-out with a few of those people. Enough said.

I actually thought about making something up for the third song. Something along the lines of being really gassy one night ... and letting a loud one rip during a lull in the music ... and of then blaming it on whoever was standing next to me. But, I chickened out because this isn't MY blog.



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